Thursday, March 02, 2017


We bought our small four bedroom bungalow in the summer of 1984. Although there were a few projects we contracted over the years, such as a new kitchen and windows, much of the place was untouched. I am neither handy nor fussy and Sandy is the same.

However, we will be looking at selling at some time in the not too distant future and the place was looking substantially run down. I have a low tolerance for contractors but found a friend with some experience in a position to work with us.

The project started in early January. It involves correcting previous deficiencies, painting and replacing baseboards and trim. We are adding all new switches, outlets and light fixtures as well as new fans in the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, the bathroom is a complete do over. The kitchen is getting a new counter top and grout in the existing ceramic tiles. It has been fun watching this all take shape.

Front entry we have never used

All new solid wood doors

Original hideous tile under the shower surround (think cotton candy)

I'm not sure when this will be done, but I  expect we might not move as soon as I had though. If we can address the drainage issues this summer (no water inside but a Rube Goldberg situation on the outside) and maybe pave the driveway, I can see staying for more than a few years.

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