Sunday, March 05, 2017

Woodstock Ontario - Jasper's Birthday

My watch alarm went off at 6:00 AM but we ignored it. I think we finally rolled out of bed around 7:00 and didn't get down to breakfast until well after 8:00. The sun yesterday did its job and most of the paved surfaces were snow free, so it was going to be a shoe day.

The parking lot was clear

The neighbors were sleeping in

Heather and Tom's

When we got to the house, birthday boy Jasper had opened the gift Sandy bought for him. It was a Lightning McQueen raincoat and cap. He is enthralled with all things Cars related. Fiona just smiled like she usually does.

Lightning McQueen raincoat

Jasper trying it on

Fiona likes the cap

 OK, it's a bit big

Heather had Polysporin and a large Band-Aid,  so I patched up my wounded heel. I get a little paranoid with foot injuries after all the horror stories I have heard about diabetic people, infections and amputation.

Fiona gets into everything

Mother and child reunion

Jasper watching Word Party

Sandy not watching anything

 Three years old today

We met Kim, Mike, Jolene and Robyn at the TOA truck stop at 1:00 PM for lunch. Then we all headed over to meet Heather and Tom at the Polish Hall for 2:00 so that we could get things set up for the start of the party at 3:00.

The party was upstairs

Lightning McQueen's buddy Mack

Mater is another favourite character

Cars party favours

They call it a chocolate fountain, more like a volcano

Our four grandchildren in one place

Some assembly required

Agnes and Kim

Jolene the photo bomber

Cousins and friends

Jasper and the veggie straws

There was a bit of food

Blowing out the candle

Robyn eating the Mack cake

It was a very sweet cake

Fiona and Aunt Kim

They actually walked in this

There was a good turnout of family and friends. Mike and I are getting a bit crusty because we decided that the only problem with children's birthday parties was the children. Still, everyone was pretty well behaved and the parents seemed to have a good time. Everyone was out and we were packed up by 6:00 PM.

Back at the house, Jasper eventually went to bed and we sat down to watch the pilot episode of This Is Us. I have been hearing great things about this series and the first hour didn't disappoint.

 Fiona shows us that fancy toys aren't necessary.

We left for the hotel about 10:00 PM. There was a jeep in the parking lot with all the lights on so we reported it to the desk. I' hit the sack before 11:00 with my trusty Kindle. We plan to be on the road early in the morning.

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Linda G. said...

Three years old...where does time go! Happy birthday Jasper. It looks like the party was a great success.