Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Bike Is Ready But.....

The bike got dropped off at Northstar Recreation on Wednesday with 265,399 kilometers on the clock. I was pretty sure it would be more than a one day job and Rob said the GoldWing mechanics were off Friday, so I didn't expect it for the weekend. Still, I did say I would not be unhappy if it was done by then..

Thursday, Rob called to say that the left fork seal was leaking badly. This was a new situation because I checked it before I left for Wawa. We did get  into a lot of grit on the road so anything could have happened. I explained to Rob that the suspension was not stock. It was a Traxxion Dynamics upgrade and took special training to work on. I know from past experience that someone not up to snuff can screw it up quite easily.

A call to Traxxion in Woodstock, Georgia, informed me that the closest certified dealer was Adirondacks & Beyond Motorcycle Specialties in Lake George, New York. This was a 500 mile drive from here by the shortest route. I called and spoke to Barry, the new owner and long time wrench. The Wing is booked in for 8:00 AM Thursday July 18 for a complete front suspension service (including the new fork seal) and new All Balls steering head bearings.

This might seem like a big negative but the front suspension was due for a service anyway. This way we get get the job done and also get to take a road trip on Sandy's birthday.

Today, Paul called and said that the bike was ready.

  • Oil & filter changed
  • New Bridgestone G-709 (front) and G-704 (rear) tires
  • New tire valve stems
  • New final drive installed & oil added
  • New air filter
  • Valves checked and all within specifications
  • New spark plugs
  • Coolant replaced
  • Clutch and both brake hydraulic fluids replaced
  • New rubber O ring on the oil dipstick
Thanks to Dave Bimm of Northstar Recreation and his staff. Rob, Paul and the mechanic (whose name I didn't catch) but who took the time to discuss the work he did.

Of course, just as we were there to pick it up a nasty thunder storm rolled through. I waited a while and then rode home around the back of it.

So now we will haul the trusty steed to Lake George in the trailer. I ride some miles once with a blown seal and it caused my front axle to become severely misaligned. Stay tuned for future developments.

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Linda G. said...

We were less than 30 miles south of Lake George, on our way to Maine, earlier this month.