Monday, August 28, 2006

Sudbury Ontario to Cambridge Ontario

It's been a couple of quiet weeks. Two trips to the Soo. Mom came through the surgery well and is looking fairly good according to her several doctors. Her GP, Dr. Phil Catania, looks like the best general practitioner I have ever seen. I wish he'd move to Sudbury.

The trailer wiring is fixed. I received the relay box soon after the last trip and pulled a bunch of plastic off the bike to install it. Since the last two units failed, I'm very happy to note that this one looks completely different. I also put a .035 shim in the anti-dive unit on the front fork following directions on the GL-1800 site, and it has smoothed the front end ride out quite a bit. As I put the trailer up on the jacks to set it up for loading, I noted that the wheel bearing we replaced before the Interlochen trip was quite loose, so I popped the cap and tightened it.

Packing was pretty straightforward. If we haven't figured this out by now, there's no hope for us. We headed out down the Highway 69 corridor. Once more, we survived the Highway of Death. Gas and lunch at Parry Sound and then the usual route to Cambridge. Hwy 400, Hwy 9, Airport Rd, former Hwy 24.

We're down early because Heather has taken the week off. After we arrived and parked, we took Heather and her friend Jessica out to Crabby Joe's for supper. They dropped me at Kim and Mike's and went to see Little Miss Sunshine at the show while I helped Mike configure a Wireless Access Point/Router for their new laptop. It was a D-Link and I am used to Link-Sys but it was a piece of cake. After visiting for a while, Mike drove me back to Heather's building.

Heather and Sandy came in quite late and we went to bed shortly after.

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