Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maine Trip Cancelled

We spent some serious thought deciding whether to go to Maine or Arkansas, since they were on the same weekend this year. We picked Maine.

Now, with the change in the medical situation, it would not be a good idea to go across the border for a time. The Warfarin treatment isn't stabilized and we need access to a lab on a regular basis. Additionally, an unstable pre-existing condition wouldn't be covered by our out-of-Canada health insurance.

With a sad heart, I called the Sudbury Inn to cancel our room. They have a long lead time on cancellations, but said they would likely be able to re-sell the room with no cost to us. I thanked them and said we'd see them next year.

It's unfortunate to miss a trip but that is small potatoes compared to sandy's health. We're fortunate they found the problem and that the system worked for us this time.

There will always be more rides.

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