Monday, August 31, 2015

Followup Stress Test

Today, I went to the cardiologist's office downtown for my followup stress test. I haven't been on a treadmill for a month, so I was really concerned about how I would do. Any issues now would spike the September travel.

The technician, a pretty young lady named Jamie, wired me up and got the baseline readings. On the treadmill, I started slow. On level three, I got to 112 BPM where I encountered trouble in May. No pains. No shortness of breath. On level 4, I hit my target rate of 132 and held it for 30 seconds.

I won't have the official results until I see Dr. Hourtovenko on October 13th, but it was a successful test for me. Much better than the last one. Then again, I have had six stress tests, several different types, over the last two years so this is getting to be old hat.

Eureka Springs, here we come!!!!

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RickCox said...

Have a great trip. Wish I was headed that way.......