Monday, September 07, 2015

Preparing For Arkansas

It has been over three months since I last lit up a cigarette. Most of the time, I don't miss it but there are moments when I crave something. Not necessarily a smoke, but something to fill a gap. It's like having an itch and not knowing exactly where to scratch. But I am sure now that I won't be lighting up again.

It is Labour Day Monday. While most folks are looking at the end of summer or the end of holidays, we are looking at the beginning of our first real trip since May. We are on the eve of heading out for the Vulcan Riders and Owners Club Reunion in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Those of you who follow our travels know that this is our traditional fall pilgrimage to the Ozarks to share some good times with our fellow VROCers.

We got the trailer hooked up and the bike loaded today. The packing is mostly done but the bags won't go into the truck until tomorrow morning to allow for last minute changes.

Sandy likes to guide me into the truck. I haven't hit her. Yet.

One more successful loading operation

Ready for a morning departure

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