Thursday, September 17, 2015

Eureka Springs Arkansas - Wedding Day

Finally, it was the day of the big wedding. ZMean1 and Badger would tie the knot today, with our own Sherm officiating. This would be the third (DD and Romy, Wrong Turn and KT) we had attended.

Sherm practicing his wedding lines

Lucky Al still working on his brakes

JR watching Sherm perform some odd ritual

Officiant togs

Zeke, Han and Coyote

Cargo will be giving the bride away

DD, another VROC wedding survivor

Kudzu supervises chalk art

The Colorado contingent

Wompus looking official

Bass Man and Laura

Wrong Turn and Badger (groom-to-be)

Linda ready to record the moment

The groom's party arrives

The bride and Cargo

Spectators everywhere

The bridal party

Here comes the bride.....

The ceremony was very nice. Lucky Al read Shakespeare. Sherm said nice words. The bride and groom pledged their troth. People threw birdseed. And then it was done.

Mr. and Mrs. Paradise

Kissing the bride

Flower Boy

Cutting the cake

And a little bubbly

Sandy with Lesley and Rick from Texas

After the cake and champagne, the assembled multitudes adjourned to Forest Hill Restaurant for a buffet lunch.

Ready for the reception

Rainman with Shannon and Boomer

Buff and Mitch

Linda and BillyBob


Bubbles and Freya

And the happy couple

Another happy couple????

After lunch, we all returned to the motel. People were hanging out visiting while I tried to get my photos posted to the blog. The WiFi here has really been atrocious and exhibited all the same problems as last year. It leads me to believe that the motel management has never tried to use their own WiFi and whoever they contracted to set it up was totally incompetent. I sense a Tripadvisor rant coming on.

The router needs continual resetting. One problem is that it stops assigning IP addresses. Coyote, master of the digital world, showed me how to set an IP address for my computer and get in regardless. The bandwidth does sometimes die but I was able to get a lot more done than I would have conventionally.

The Texas ladies took Sherm out to supper. Coyote, Sandy and I went down to Subway for a sandwich. They actually had Swiss cheese (something in every Canadian Subway), but just for a limited time, so Sandy and I split a ham and Swiss. Coyote tried the new Reuben. They also have new flavours of potato chips.

Coyote and his mighty Burgman

Order where?

Limited time??

Looked at these

Tried these (they were OK)

From Subway, we went for ice cream. Outlaw Willie next door was closed for the evening, so we were able to get our orders in peace and quiet. The lady remembered Sandy from yesterday.

Tasty treats

One thing we did notice was a large number of Slingshots. I still believe they are a car, similar to a three wheeler Morgan, not a motorcycle like a Spyder (some will argue about the Spyder).

I wasn't able to get the last photos posted because the WiFi had slowed to a standstill. I did go back to the room early because I wasn't feeling well. The others didn't stay out too late, either.

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