Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eureka Springs Arkansas - Branson

We awoke about 6:00 AM to the sound of the first motorcycles departing. As the morning wore on, the parking lot became much less crowded. The skies were overcast and the day was cool, a pleasant change from the sauna-like conditions of yesterday evening. Radar showed the rain would be staying south of us.

Sherm capturing Boomer and Shannon 

Kay, Vickie and Debbie ready to head out

Big Jim saying goodbye to Jamey T (aka Rocky)

Tim and Big Jim getting ready to roll back to Indiana

These folks are not leaving until tomorrow

Shannon and Boomer - A long way to go....

We had planned to go to Branson for lunch. Some had second thoughts because it was cool, but Linda and BillyBob had never been to Branson before and are of hardy Pennsylvania stock. We headed out a little after 10:00 AM, stopping in Blue Eye for their first state line photo.

Across state lines

We rode north on 13 through Kimberling City to West Branson and then followed 76 into town. It was quiet at the Uptown Cafe where we had lunch.

Turn off to Silver Dollar City

 Zip line, anyone

The quintessential play

An old wooden coaster

Linda looks happy

A famous Branson act
They painted the plane

Uptown Cafe

From there, we continued east through town and then cut back on the Yellow Route and some back roads to 165. After crossing Table Rock Dam, we stopped at the Dewey Short Visitor Center.

Us in Branson (courtesy of Zeke and Han)

Some day, we'll take another Duck ride

Table Rock Dam

U.S, Army Corps of Engineers

Parked at Dewey Short

This is a very nice spot - and free

Linda brought out the big lens

Branson Belle

We headed on to US 65 and went south a few miles, then back to Berryville via 86, 13 and 21. I was starting to get tired so, after a stop at Walmart for a few essentials and a watch battery for Sandy, we came directly back to the motel.

Table Rock Lake

Typical Arkansas tree

Back at the motel, I tried to get some photos uploaded but the WiFi was stubborn. Sandy was packing and I took some cases to the truck. That was when I noticed my trailer hitch drawbar and ball were missing. Last Sunday, after I unhooked the trailer and put the drawbar in the back of the truck, we drove through town with the tailgate down. My bad. Sherm and I drove to Walmart and bought a new one for $19.98.

With the new ball attached, Jayhawk helped me hook the trailer up and then I got the bike loaded and tied down. The big loading was complete.

Mitch, Tony D and Lanny had gone for a ride today. As usual, Lanny did NOT get a speeding ticket.

Mitch and Tony D got papered

HotSauce made chili out of the leftover meat. It was too hot for Sandy but I found it tasty and tolerable.

HotSauce and his chili

Freya wanted chili but Grandpa said no

The WiFi was suddenly cooperating so I rushed to catch the blog up. There were many goodbyes since some of us would be leaving early. Sherm will be traveling back with Lanny. He has about 40 miles more than we do, considering the shortest routes.

This has been the best ES weather I can remember and the turnout was excellent. The motel promises that the WiFi will be fixed for next year and we've made our reservations. Thanks to JR and Condi for the years that they organized this. Others will be assuming the mantle next year.

Today's route (110 motorcycle miles):

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