Friday, September 18, 2015

Eureka Springs Arkansas - Huntsville Ride and Hot Sauce BBQ

Before I start, Happy 60th Birthday to my brother Dave (aka Rabbi). If we had known we were going tp live this long, we would have taken better care of ourselves.

Here's a bit of VROC history. As near as we can figure, of all the attendees here only HotSauce, Margot, Sandy and I were at the Fall 1999 SEVROC in Suches, Georgia. For Sandy and I, it was our first VROC gathering. That was where HotSauce earned his name. The shirt below was a relic of that historic gathering.

We had some internet access this morning so I was obligated to finish yesterday's blog. Sherm, whose Windows 10 laptop wasn't as agreeable to the Coyote fix, went down to McDonald's to use their WiFi to try to catch up.

When we got all the posting done, a few of us decided to go for a ride through the scenic Arkansas countryside. Sandy and I led, followed by Laura, Sherm, Coyote and Bass Man. We rode south on Arkansas 23 past Huntsville and east on 74 to Kingston, where we stopped in the town square for a break.

Leaving ES

Chicken farms smell terrible

Two roads diverged.....

Riding through Huntsville

Pretty country

I bet these trees were planted at the same time

Curves aplenty...

Layers of foliage

More curves



And another curve

Kingston town square

We left Kingston heading north on 21. Not far out of town, a logging truck pulled out in front of us. He kept up a decent pace until we jogged on 412. North of there, it took us a while to get around him but we prevailed.

Arkansas logs

Lots of logs

We arrived in Berryville and decided to get a light lunch at the Ozark Cafe. I had a club sandwich that had a real slab of ham in it. Well worth the $4.99 price. Sherm and Sandy had BLT's for a buck less. Some had frozen homemade deep fried pies. With ice cream. The service was excellent.

Berryville cat house

Not a bad little spot

Sandy, Coyote, Bass Man, Laura and Sherm

We got back to the motel mid-afternoon. (Continued below)

Today's Route (89 motorcycle miles):

HotSauce's BBQ

The smoker had been running all day and the smells wafting through the parking lot were amazing.

Selling raffle tickets and collecting BBQ donations

Linda, BillyBob and Sandy

HotSauce, master of the smoker

Mitch (Keyless) and Buff and his MeanNad (NoStreak?)

Teresa and Butch

KT waiting to take the group photo

And a good group photo it was

Badger and Buff assisting Mr. Sauce

Waiting for food

Flamekiller, Brandon and Sheila

Fire/Rescue announcing the grand prize winner

Let me say a few words about the photo above. Big Jim from Indiana rides a Vulcan 2000. His son Brad has been riding Jim's 2000 Nomad. The setup here was that they were to announce that Brad had won the grand prize. Then they presented him with the Nomad keys, a gift from his father. Understandably, he got a little choked up. Congratulations to our newest Vulcan OWNER.

Still waiting for food

Margot checks to be sure all is ready

Sandy maneuvered us to the beginning of the food line, as she usually does. Our guests from Fire/Rescue (who received the proceeds from the raffle) went first, as did our newly-weds. Then it was us. I had brisket, ribs and sausage. The sausage and ribs were excellent as usual, but the brisket was the best I have ever eaten. I wanted to take it down to Bubba's BBQ where I had dried out meat a few days ago, and show them how it SHOULD be cooked.

My supper

Some leftovers

Many thanks to HotSauce, Margot and the folks who helped them. Once again, you have outdone yourselves.

Waiting for the raffle

Happy stuffed people

Mr and Mrs Paradise

Mas Tequila

We spent the rest of the evening talking in the parking lot. Mas Tequila and I had a political discussion that didn't break much new ground because we think alike on many issues. Many folks who would be leaving in the morning were saying their goodbyes. Finally, about 11:00 PM, Sandy and I went to bed.

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