Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eureka Springs Arkansas - Beaver Lake Circle Tour

We were up at a reasonable hour and found the office didn't have much by way of breakfast. I finished yesterday's blog text and captions and we talked about going over to War Eagle Mill for food. The departure time was eventually set at 9:45.

Cleve, Vickie, Zeke, Debbie, Kay and Sherm planning breakfast

Magellan thought he needed a trim before leaving

We left with Sherm in the lead on the little white Honda. I was second with Cleve and Bridget, Zeke and Han, Magellan, Vickie and Kay plus Debbie with CB equipped Lannie bringing up the rear. The ride down to the Mill was pleasant. One slow Toyota even pulled over to let us by.

We all made it

War Eagle Mill

The restaurant is on the third floor of the mill. The breakfast buffet was only on the weekend and the a la carte breakfast stopped at 10:30. We arrived at 10:40. Most opted to have either blackberry or peach cobbler and ice cream. I decided to have a club sandwich which they make here as a single level creation, not toasted and without mayo. It was different but hit the spot.

Our server had cut her finger and, in the absence of medical supplies, bound it up with black electrical tape. She said she couldn't find duct tape.

Dining at War Eagle Mill

It was the middle finger

From War Eagle, we decided to continue on around man made Beaver Lake. Sherm asked if I would lead to the Pea Ridge Battlefield. The road wound pleasantly and I tried to set a pace that would be comfortable for everyone. Lanny was at the rear so we had communication front to back.

The group crossed an arm of the sprawling lake and came into Rogers. We were held up a few moments while a train went by and then went north and turned back east on US 62. The weather continued to be awesome, unlike the last time we were here.

Beaver Lake approaching Rogers

The house(s) on the hill.....

It was a short train

I was riding merrily along waiting for the Pea Ridge Battleground to appear on my left with a group of trusting bikes in my rear view mirror. To my surprise, the new four lane highway (opened since the last time we were here) no longer went past the gate to the battlefield. I had missed the turn, probably because I wasn't looking for it. I turned left on a side road hoping to get back to old 62 but the road was closed and barricaded.

So we decided not to visit Pea Ridge this time around. Instead, we stopped at the next gas station for fuel. Sherm topped up the CTX and hauled out his calculator. He was disappointed that the little bike hadn't gotten 80 MPG. No, the calculation showed just over 79. Bummer!

Sherm filling the CTX

Calculating the damage

We continued on Highway 62 heading back to Eureka Springs. The only drawback to a perfect ride was a pair of flatbeds hauling large pipe. I do have to give them credit for the pace they were able to maintain, given the 35 and 25 MPH corners, but it still would have been nice if they weren't ahead of us. They did turn off just before we reached the ES town limits.

Rolling through the curves

An old quarry

Back at the motel, the decorations were up and more people had arrived. The rest of the afternoon was mostly greeting time.

The banner was hung by the railing with care

Lanny, Laura and Cassie

Sandy greeting Boomer and Shannon

Margot is here

Liza and Watchman

John P from Mountain Home stopped by

Mr. HotSauce his own self

Lanny greeting Wrong Turn & KT

Tim and Dee from Indiana

BillyBob from Pennsylvania

Butch & Teresa plus Linda

Later in the afternoon, the ladies planned to take the bride-to-be out for dinner and entertainment. They were taking the trolley downtown, but a few of us were asked to stand by with the trucks to bring them back when they called.

In the meantime, we had to eat so Sherm, Lanny, Boomer and I went to Mertie Mae's in the Best Western Hotel. The food was OK and the prices were very good. I had my obligatory chicken fried steak. With broccoli. No dessert.

Lanny, Boomer and Sherm chowing down at Mertie Mae's

Riding back to the motel, I reflected on how this was probably the most enjoyable main street to ride anywhere in the world. Twists and turns with the occasional sharp bend super-elevated so that one can throw the bike into it.

Back at the motel, the guys hung out waiting for a call from the ladies.

HotSauce telling Mitch and Buff how it is

Wrong Turn admiring Didsbury Dave's new VN 2000

My adopted boy Bill (Southern Draw)

Much later than they intended, Sherm got a call that the ladies had secured their own ride home. Not long after, a long pink limo pulled in and disgorged half the contingent. Then it made a return trip for the second half.

That was a sight

The bride-to-be

The parking lot was awash with good spirits and happy people. The night air was absolutely perfect. If there was a Heaven, it would have to be like this.

But being a little more mature, our room turned in about 10:30. We have to be wide awake tomorrow for new adventures.

Today's Route (79 motorcycle miles):

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