Monday, September 14, 2015

Eureka Springs Arkansas - First Day

We were up at a reasonably early hour but I spent the first part of the day transcribing my voice recorder notes from the last three days. Then I went up to the motel office where I had cereal and coffee while discussing the state of the world with Lucky Al. Back at the room, we heard Laura and Bassman (who has a home nearby) arrive.

Sherm and I had decided to start by riding over to Walmart in Berryville. Laura and Don plus Debbie, Vickie and Kay from Texas joined us.

Debbie, Vickie and Kay

Sandy and Laura


Sherm led us to Wally World. We managed to pick up a few grocery items and got our fall group photo outside.

Pumpkins everywhere

Mr. Walmart himself

They know how to spell it

After we were done shopping, I fueled up at the Murphy station (for $2.03 compared to $2.29 in ES). Then we visited the Doggie Thrift Shop, which supports the only no-kill shelter in Carroll County. I didn't find anything I needed/liked but left a donation anyway.

At the shelter in Berryville

We rode back toward Eureka Springs but stopped at the Art & Soul Gallery. We arrived at the crack of noon, just as Wayne the proprietor finished mowing his lawn and unlocked the door. We posed for photos on a large motorcycle sculpture outside and admired the paintings and photographs inside.

Art & Soul

Sherm was thinking about making an offer

Ghost Rider

Many options

And more

The big one in the centre is The Seventh Day

Lovely ladies

I wanted this one but it wasn't for sale

We bought a couple of small things and wished Wayne well with his artistic adventure. Then we rode back to the motel and unloaded our groceries. Wayne had suggested the Local Flavor Cafe in downtown Eureka Springs for lunch. We rode downtown but couldn't find free parking anywhere close by but, after negotiating back streets and steep hills, we found the New Delhi Cafe (advertising the best burger in town) had motorcycle parking out front.

New Delhi Cafe - Eureka Springs Arkansas

The parking got us

We went up to the third floor, which was even with the other street. Sandy and I ordered BLT sandwiches which advertised 'crispy' bacon. It was. I got a few photos of the area while we were waiting for the food to arrive.


Our table on the roof

The other street

It is, after all, Eureka SPRINGS

Monument to the World War soldiers

Nice looking 850 Norton

Looking back at the New Delhi from across the street

BLT on a croissant

Sherm's chutney burger

Back at the motel, Badger and Susan (the betrothed) had arrived from Florida. They made the trip in their truck due to medical issues but they were here and they had the Arkansas marriage licence. Thursday is going to be a big day. Many others were arriving as well. This was probably the best turnout we have ever had this early in the week.

Susan and Sandy

Badger and JR

Susan and Magellan

Jamey T 's (or Rocky's) new ride

Sandy, Badger, Jamey T and JR

Trouble's new CTX

Reverse and Rem

Waterman and Badger


Lanny arrived

Cleve performing some kind of strange ritual

Three VROC plates but no Vulcans

We decided to go to Bubba's BBQ for supper. Two trucks and a bunch of bikes. They sat us at different tables. I had a brisket sandwich which was OK, but I've had better. Sandy liked her pulled pork and Brandon's ribs looked awesome.

Thunderbird at Bubba's

Also at Bubba's

Bridget, Cleve, Han and Zeke

Lanny, Kay, Vickie, Debbie and Sherm

Sandy, Waterman, Brandon and Sheila

Cassie and Marla

Brandon and Sheila's sampler

My large brisket sandwich

The sun was going down

We returned to the motel and spent the evening hanging out in the parking lot and visiting. The temperature was perfect and the company was excellent. Who could ask for more than that.

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