Sunday, July 09, 2017

Boscobel/Solvang Trip Summary

This trip was the first journey of over two weeks duration that we have taken in several years.

27 days on the road
Equinox 6,201 miles 14.92 MP(US)G
Approximately 600 motorcycle miles

The Equinox/trailer combination performed well. It also looked well proportioned. But this vehicle is a little small for three people and luggage.

Whether we tow the trailer much in the future is up in the air. The bike is nice but, in many cases, is no longer necessary. We will meditate on this.

Our first long trip in years and we did not have a definite fall back plan. As a result, we arrived home six days before we planned. Have we lost the wanderlust or have we just forgotten how to live in the moment on the road? Again, this will require some serious pondering.

All in all, though, it was a good time. Thanks to Pat for putting us up in Kingman and to Mal and Yvette for sharing their Independence Day weekend with us. Special thanks to Sherm for sharing the road with us one more time. And thanks to the folks who made the effort to share the Boscobel and Solvang experiences.

We will be home for six weeks or so before leaving for WWR XI in Missouri (remember that Missouri loves company) and Eureka Springs. We have the Freedom Rally to work on and, hopefully, a lot of golf to be played before then. I also see visits to grandkids in our future.

So, until the next time, keep your stick on the ice!!

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