Sunday, July 02, 2017

St George Utah to Silt Colorado

Happy Canada Day. Celebrating 150 years of The Great White North.
The desk clerk told me that all the folks in the jackets and ties were part of a Jehovah's Witness convention in the heart of Latter Day Saints territory. We checked out and found my strategy of parking to prevent getting boxed in proved to be effective once again. I had it set so that I could back up the trailer up enough so to get out around the car someone parked right in front of me.

Not quite boxed in

We skipped the motel breakfast and stopped at Mickey D's on the way out of town. After the slow start, we were rolling north on I-15 at 7:45. The temperature was already 78F. We were going 60 MPH in an 80 MPH zone but the light traffic meant we weren't getting in anyone's way.

There was a long climb through some red rock and other just rock scenery while the temperature dropped to 64. Near Parowan, we were warned about a wildfire and asked not to phone and report it because the authorities were already dealing with it. We stopped at the TA Truck Stop in Parowan and then continued on through the smoke.

We reached the junction of I-70 at 10:00 AM and turned east. We stopped at a small Flying J for a bathroom break and some snack but I did not get gas. As soon as we continued, I realized my error because there was going to be a stretch of over 100 miles without services between Salina and Green River. After some hasty calculations, we got back off at Salina for fuel at a Love's Truck Stop.

I find the scenery across I-70 in Utah to be spectacular. Others who travel this road a lot call it boring. You be the judge.

It was just before 2:30 PM when we crossed the Colorado state line. I-70 was now labeled the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Highway.

We stopped in Fruita where Sandy encountered her second broken McDonald's smoothie machine. I messaged Mal to let him know where we were. On the way by, I saw the Grand Junction golf course was empty. I guess 97 F was too warm for some folks. We followed the Colorado River to Silt, arriving at 4:30 and I fueled before going to Mal and Corvette's house.

Mal and his son Vinnie were planting flowers in front of the house when we pulled up. Corvette was out with her mom and visiting nieces. After we got our gear settled, the four of us went to Elk Creek in Newcastle for supper. Back at the house, we played with their three dogs and tested the new bug zapper out on the rear deck. The first zappee was a wasp that caught fire. Right on.

En route to Newcastle. Can you see the deer?

Elk Creek - Newcastle Colorado

Vinnie and Mal

Today's Route (455 Equinox miles):

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