Monday, May 23, 2005

Combermere Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

Monday morning dawned cool and damp. We loaded the van and Mike’s car. The kids headed out before 8:00 AM and we were soon following. Light rain off and on dogged us across the park to Huntsville, but traffic was light and we made good time. I only saw one moose this time. We headed north on Highway 11 and back home through North Bay this time. Not a pretty or interesting, but faster. Sandy hooked up with a fast draft on 11 and I found myself following her at a pretty steady 120~130 KPH. She’s a much better driver than she gives herself credit for.

We got in about 1:30 PM and I mowed the lawn. Then I called Guy at L&L trailers to arrange to pick ours up Wednesday. Later that evening I realized I had caught a chest cold, probably related to being up so late, smoking too many cigars and hanging out with some sick people. But it was a fun weekend one more time.

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