Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lake Lure North Carolina to Lake City Tennessee

There was no point in leaving too early this morning since we have an appointment in Jacksboro Tennessee, less than two hundred miles away, tomorrow morning. We packed and hung out waving goodbye to others as they left.

Charlie Ruddock was going to ride over to Kickstand Lodge in far western North Carolina. KSL is a motorcycle camping facility owned by Fred and Mo, longstanding VROCers who made a dream come true. Their facility sits at the foot of The Dragon, a famous stretch of highway between NC and Tennessee that has 318 turns in eleven miles and attracts motorcyclists from all over. We’ve never ridden The Dragon so we opted to ride along.

Things being what they are, by the time we were ready to get off I-40 to head to Fred’s, our priorities had changed so we bid Charlie a fond farewell and continued on to Knoxville by the most direct route. This put us in Lake City, Tennessee, which is about 30 miles north of Knoxville and right next to Jacksboro by mid-afternoon. There was one construction zone just before Lake City that resulted in a traffic backup northbound.

We are now in a Days Inn catching up on Email and updating the blog and the books. We’ll get the hitch on tomorrow morning and then hotfoot it homeward. The only concern now is a nasty weather front coming in from the west. We’ll see where it is tomorrow and then decide how to attack it.

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