Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sudbury Ontario to Cambridge Ontario

I was once going to take a self improvement course to teach me how not to procrastinate but I kept putting it off. That is why, on departure day, I found myself changing the oil in the bike. And hacksawing awning poles and figuring out how the final trailer stowing plan would work. That's why we didn't get out of town until 1:30. That time included a quick stop at CAA to get some camping guides. That was when we found they had moved. At the new place, we asked for every camping guide they had. I just checked the stack and find that the key book for this trip (Va, WV, Pa) is missing. Looks like we'll hit some welocme centres.

This trip we are headed for a camping weekend at Kickstand Lodge, a motorcycle only campground, in Stecoah NC. Fred and Mo bought this place and rebuilt much of it to fulfill a dream. It seems to be working. Anyway, we'll camp there Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with an eclectric group of VROCers from far and wide.

After we finally got moving, things proceeded as they should. Weather was warm and sunny, traffic was light. The trailer was towing OK but seemed to be a little twitchy every time it hit an irregularity in the road surface. This happens frequently in Ontario. I had inflated the tires to 60 PSI, the pressure Lee-Sure Lite says the tire people recommend. However, LL also suggests that we might want to run as low as 35 PSI to improve tire life. At the first gas stop, I dropped the pressure to 42 PSI and the towing improved immensely.

So we are here in Camridge at Heather's place. Tomorrow we head out early and will run our usual route down through Pa, WV, Va, Tn and NC. We'll find somewhere along the way to set up the trailer for the night and finally sleep in it for the first time. If we can fine a way to get on-line, I'll fill you in tomorrow. If not, I'll publish the notes as soon as I can.

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