Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. The day that bikers head for the sleepy Ontario town of Port Dover by the tens of thousands. OK, we didn't have the bike with us and we didn't go to Port Dover, but we were down in Cambridge because Heather was taking the motorcycle course this weekend and VROC was meeting at Shoeless Joe's in Burlington. We took a wander over. Good thing we took the van because it was snowing on the way over. There's not a lot to write about. We had some food, a few drinks and took some pictures.

Gord, Maxxx and Roger the Grouch

Normie, Lisa, Ray, Roger, Gord, Maxxx, Sandy, Biker

Ace and Shelby

Everyone watches Shelby keep VROC up to date on what we are doing

The fish was THIS BIG!!

Hey, wait a minute..........

That's about it for this (almost) Port Dover gathering. Maybe next year, we'll get all the way down but then again, maybe not. Shoeless Joe's is just fine by us.

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