Monday, October 09, 2006

North Carolina to Sudbury - Day 3

The morning broke clear, sunny and 52F. The Weather Channel showed a front coming from the west, so we headed for the border. We stopped at the Duty Free so Terry and Patsy could buy some things and then headed across the Peace Bridge and back to Canada. After clearing Customs with no problem, we dropped a dime at the toll booth. I was ready to get off and get it, but the young lady in the booth said she would look after it. Not often that happens any more.

The front caught us as we reached Hamilton, so we added layers when we stopped for gas over the Burlington Skyway. More gas in Barrie, where we saw an older rider on a Yamaha FJ loaded like the Clampett's and heading for Alberta. Another older gentleman from Scotland stopped me in the parking lot to ask questions about the bikes.

Southbound traffic was heavy on this Thanksgiving Monday as the poor unfortunate cottage country people tried to jam themselves back into Toronto. The Tim Hortons at Nobel was so backed up that we went up to the restaurant at the Shell station for lunch. The food was good, so I'll have to stop here more often. We ran into Marcel Bigras, another Inco retiree, and caught up on who has been doing what.

The last 100 miles were uneventful and we waved as Sandy and I turned onto the by-pass while Patsy and Terry continued on through town.

This was a late season trip planned around a bonfire in August under the influence of beer and vanilla vodka mixed with root beer, but it turned out to be a good one.

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