Sunday, October 01, 2006

Planning The Final Run

We got back to town last Monday with 85,500 Kms on the odometer. The rear shock wasn't damping as well as it should and one headlight bulb was burnt out. The next day, as we were at the presentation of a Freedom Rider cheque to an outfit that provides burn garments to children, I noticed the left handlebar end weight had fallen off somewhere.

During the week, I got two H7 quartz bulbs and replaced both low beams. This was tricky because I had to work by feel between the forks and the back of the fairing, but I now consider myself an expert on this little task. The new handlebar weight will be in tomorrow. I will use some Blue Loc-tite on the screw this time and will put it on the screw holding the right bar weight as well.

I called the Progressive Suspension tech line and found their new 460 rear shock/spring will probably do fine as a replacement for the stock unit. I had been planning on upgrading anyway, and this has a higher carrying capacity than the original. The price is around $500 US. I'll get a set of their fork springs as well and also the tapered roller bearings for the steering head, and I'll get them put in over the winter. To replace that rear shock, much of the bike needs to come apart so I'm going to make a list of other things to check and/or replace while everything is exposed.

We leave Wednesday for the last run. Terry and Patsy Appleby will be going with us on their Honda Valkyrie. We'll be gone six days with the objective at the southern terminus of riding the Tail of the Dragon, the Cherohala Skyway and other great motorcycle roads in the western North Carolina/eastern Tennessee area. We'll be paying Fred and Mo a visit at Kickstand Lodge, but this trip will be all motel.

Stay tuned for details as they occur.

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