Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sudbury Ontario to West Montrose Ontario

Going to Cyclefest

This will be the 28th Annual Cyclefest. They were started by the Waterloo County Touring Club at Chicopee Ski Lodge in Kitchener Ontario in 1980 and, for the last ten years, have been organized by the Waterloo Wings in West Montrose, near Elmira Ontario. Sandy and I have only missed one since they began, so you might say we've been in a rut on Labour Day Weekend. But it's a pretty good rut.

I finished some chores this morning. I got the August Freedom Riders books done and distributed to the Executive. Then, under clear and sunny skies, Sandy and I washed the bike and trailer. They were pretty dirty from the Interlochen run. Finally, we packed and loaded up and hit the road just before noon.

Traffic was light southbound and I kept it at a true 103 KPH through crosswinds from the east. We had some french fries at the stand next to the Shell station in Pointe Au Baril. They were spectacular, golden and crispy. We'll make this a regular stop from now on.

We usually cut east on either 89 or 9 and are cursed with slow drivers. This time, armed with Stella, I turned at 88, went west to Bond Head and cut a mile north to CR-1 towards Beeton. This went through Loretto and straight into the Hockley Road with virtually no traffic at all. Then, going through Fergus on my usual shortcut, Stella showed me an even better way. I am really getting to like this GPS.

Some people, including the ever present Fred Poyser, were at the campground a day early. We dropped the trailer and headed to Cambridge to meet Heather. When we all got to her apartment, we got her Rebel out of the garage, checked it and then rode back to Tom's place in Waterloo. With Tom and a carload of tents in tow, we headed back to the campground, getting there as the sun went down. Then we set up our trailer, Kim and Mike's EZ Tent and Heather and Tom's dome. We left the big screen dining tent for tomorrow. I made a run to Tim Horton's in Elmira and got sandwiches and pop for the gang.

After some time fending off the cold and damp sitting around a small fire tended by Buck and Tom of the French Connection (Tom is really from Pennsylvania), we hit the sack about 11:00 PM.

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