Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's been quite a week.......

Got down to see Mom last Friday, the same day the contractor started excavating our old driveway. They pulled up the asphalt, which had been laid right on the clay, and dug down three feet while widening at the same time. Then they filled it with slag, finer material and stone. It has been edged with 6x6 timber and drainage pipes and will be finished with crusher dust. They excavated the front and back, added to the tar line and are grading the yards away from the house. Tree stumps were removed , yards will be sodded and window wells added. Quite the project, but the guys working at Micugh Construction seem very conscientious and are paying a lot of attention to detail.

Tomorrow, we will leave them to their work and head to the annual Michigan VROC gathering in Interlochen. Look for some posts on this small but friendly weekend.

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