Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cambridge Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

It was time to be homeward bound on this fine Thanksgiving Sunday morning. October 10th, 2010. That makes it 10/10/10. We had a fine Thanksgiving dinner at Kim and Mike's yesterday and spent much of the day playing with granddaughter Jolene.

We first set out today to share breakfast with Tom and Heather at Oscar's Restaurant on Victoria Street in Kitchener. The building Oscar's is in was a fast food restaurant at  one time but has been reworked into a family diner. They have a great breakfast menu and Sandy and I split an order of eggs, meat and pancakes. Good thing because there was a lot to share and, despite having only half an order, I still ate too much.

There were a lot of police on Highway 24 and again on the 400. We even saw a chilly Rocky and his police Harley giving a ticket on Highway 69. It looks like the new OPP Commissioner decided on a full blitz for the long weekend. Travelling at my usual 18 KPH over didn't seem to attract any attention.

It was a clear day, good for driving. There were still many trees in glorious fall colours. We did see that the northbound service centre in Barrie was going to be shut down in another ten days to be rebuilt as are so many across the province.

We arrived home by mid-afternoon with no unusual incidents.

Today's Route (295 miles):

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