Monday, October 25, 2010

An RV Storage Plan

I had planned to keep the RV and trailer in the driveway until our first planned trip the end of February. Unfortunately, the things take up more space than I figured. The roof is even with the neighbor's eaves, which often accumulate four or more feet of snow when the north wind blows. We usually rake it once or twice a winter and the motorhome would be in the way. Plus we could end up with the same four plus feet of snow on the rubber RV roof. With the winter rains of recent years, I couldn't imagine the weight of snow and ice sitting on top of the motorhome and endangering my A/C and other appliances, not to mention the structure itself.

While pondering this, VROC friend Blondy near Birmingham, Alabama offered a place to park the RV at her place. She sold the 5th wheel that her parents owned and she has a covered structure that sounds about perfect. I called and she said to bring it on down.

I have commitments through the middle of November for helping out with the grandkids, working on the Santa Claus Parade on the 13th and attending a regional STOP meeting on the 14th. So the eagle will fly again on the 15th of November.

I'm taking the unit and trailer to Don's RV tomorrow. Although the enclosed trailer has Dexter Easy-Lube hubs that are greased regularly, I've had it for over five years and would like to get the bearings completely serviced. In addition, I'll get them to mount the spare tire on a bracket on the tongue and add a wheel to the front jack to make it easier to move around. They will add the wiring plug to the RV and get a suitable height drawbar so the trailer will tow level. Also, Andrew will install two Max-Air vent covers and clean and UV treat the roof. I will wait for Camping World to get the ladder and TV antenna installed (and maybe a back-up camera).

I may also see if Costco has the Pressure Pro tire monitoring system they advertise on their website. It is expensive but is the only one for which I find no negative comments on line. A blown tire on the rear can do a lot of damage to the plumbing, not to mention causing a possible wreck.

Still lots to learn but I am working on it.

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