Friday, October 22, 2010

Sudbury Ontario to Bolton Ontario and Back - Pick up motorhome

Today was the big day. Time to go and pick up the motorhome in Bolton and bring it home. Kevin at Globetrotter got called out of town this week so the ladder, antenna and plug didn't get done. I will have the plug done at Don's RV in Sudbury and may have them add the ladder and antenna. I may also wait and have those done at a Camping World in the USA, since they have a wide range of items for sale and facilities to install them.

Leo and Diane volunteered to drive us down and their Toyota Camry was in the driveway at 7:00 AM sharp. The drive south was uneventful except for the band of freshly fallen snow in the Barrie area. There was several inches of the white stuff on the ground.

Snow Near Barrie

We stopped at Tim Horton's in Bolton for lunch before heading to Cruise Canada. Our unit, decked out in its new Majestic decals, was inside. TJ took us on a tour of all the appliances and equipment. It was a whirlwind. Then it was hauled outside and we went through the steps to winterize it. More whirlwind. I did get the Cruise America book on how to run everything, but TJ didn't have any of the original manuals. He said that they are not provided by head office when he gets the units.

After all was done and the papers had changed hands, it was our motorhome. I climbed into it thinking that the last time I drove something this long was never. With Leo and Diane following, I pulled slowly out onto 50 Road northbound. As the V10 pulled the unit along, I realized this was heavy. The steering was sensitive until I got the hang of how not to over correct. Then it got easier.

We returned to Sudbury via 50 Road, Highway 9, Highway 400 and Highway 69 with stops at Waubaushene and the French river Trading Post. Diane got in at Waubaushene and kept Sandy company in the back for the rest of the ride.

Our Majestic Motorhome at the French River Trading Post

By the time we got home, I was getting quite comfortable in the driver's seat.  When we got there, I backed it into the driveway. It took a couple of tries to get lined up but I'll get the hang of it. Combined with the enclosed trailer I picked up earlier in the week, this thing takes up almost the whole driveway.

But it's home safely.

Today's Route (467 miles):

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