Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sudbury Ontario to Cambridge Ontario and Motorhome Purchase

We're off to Cambridge. We told Kim we would come down for a few days to help her get things squared away because the new baby is due on October 16th.

In the course of further searching for motor homes, I found that Cruise Canada has some of their fleet up for sale. Their units are specially made for them by Four Winds in Elkhart, Indiana and, while resembling the retail versions of the Majestic series, have a few differences to help them withstand the demanding rental market. Their motorhomes go from the small at 19' to the large at 30'. All are Class C built on the Ford E chassis, with the smaller ones using the E350 with the 5.4L V8 and the largest using the 6.8L V10. I checked the RV forums and found some people dead set against buying rental units, but none of them had actually done it. Those who had generally reported being very satisfied with their purchases. At least you know with these units that they have been used and maintained. Cruise America (which includes Cruise Canada) has a program to refurbish the units prior to sale. I called TJ, the manager of the facility in Bolton, Ontario and arranged to stop by today on our way to Cambridge and check his inventory out.

It was cool and clear when we set out in the van today. After waiting for the road construction on the Southeast Bypass and getting by three flag persons, we headed south. The only notable thing was at the Key River where there were several flag persons. In the northbound lane, someone stopped and a truck towing a hunting camper didn't seem to notice in time. Moderate damage to the car, little to the truck and no apparent injuries.

The four lane past Parry Sound still wasn't open. I'm not sure if they will ever get done. When the Liberals took power in Ontario in 2003, they promised the four-laning between Parry Sound and Sudbury would be completed in twelve years. It sure doesn't look like they are going to make it. I did notice that the pavement was sparkling like diamonds in the lower sun. I imagine there must be a fair quartz content in the aggregate they used. Whatever the reason, it was sure pretty.

We left the 400 at King Road and headed west towards Bolton. I've never taken this road before and found it very scenic. Rolling hills, fall-coloured trees and some very large homes. We rolled into the Cruise Canada lot on 50 Road in Bolton at 1:00 PM.

TJ, the manager, brought up his list of 28A models for sale. One that caught my eye was a 2005 (chassis year, the RV is a 2006) model 28A with 99,000 kilometers on the clock. This is lowest mileage of any of this vintage in his stock. We went out and looked at it and another one of the lower mileage units. The 28A is just under 30' long and laid out much like the Winnie we looked at in Kitchener. It is powered by the V10 and has a dinette, jackknife couch/bed, kitchen, bathroom, shower and island queen in the back bedroom. It will sleep seven in a pinch if two of them are short. It includes a 40 gallon fresh water tank, Onan 4KW generator, furnace and roof A/C. One thing I like better than the Winnie was that it had a longer wheelbase, which resulted in less overhang at the back and a low stance so it didn't need an external step. Things it lacked were a ladder (to keep renters off the roof) and an external TV antenna. These things can be added quite easily later on. It also had no awning, but the CC gang can add one for a price.

There were a few things that needed repairing. We looked it over and made a list and TJ said they would also go over it as well. Cruise Canada provides a 12 month/18,000 kilometer power train warranty on every unit they sell. Sandy and I discussed it and she was much happier with this than the Winnie, so we signed the papers after getting $1,000 off the asking price and $500 off the awning. They will replace the Cruise Canada decals with conventional Majestic ones.  I gave TJ a $500 deposit and we talked about having the RV shop down the road install the ladder and TV antenna. We agreed that we would pick it up on October 22nd.

Motorhome left side



Inside looking ahead

Inside looking back

TJ marking us on the board

After leaving Cruise Canada, we stopped at Globetrotter RV to talk about the ladder and TV antenna. Then we headed south on 50 Road but, before we got to the 427, I got a cell phone call from TJ. It seems I had left with the RV keys in my pocket. Back we went and dropped them off.

The rest of the trip on the 427/407/401 was uneventful except for the truck that tipped over on the Highway 6 South ramp on the other side of the 401. Of course our side backed way up due to people slowing down to rubberneck. I didn't do that but I did get a picture.

Overturned truck - 401 @ Highway 6 S on ramp

We got to Kim's about 5:30, just in time to play a bit with Jolene and help her have supper. She went to bed soon after and we visited and watched TV until it was time to turn in as well.

Jolene and Grandma

Today's Route (289 miles):

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