Saturday, November 19, 2011

Woodstock Ontario - A Double Birthday Party In Cambridge

It was sunny, cool and windy this morning. Heather and Sandy went over to WalMart to get some cards while Tom and I headed for a motorcycle dealership so he could pick up some oil for the bikes. It's time for the pre-storage change. The dealer had a 1996 Kawasaki Voyager XII with only 56,000 Kms on the clock sitting on the floor. It was very clean and I expect someone will get a lot of miles of smiles out of this bike.

Back at the house, we had to wait for the ladies. It seems they decided to look for more than cards. When they finally returned, we all piled into the van for the drive to Kim and Mike's new house in Cambridge. The rest of the gang was already there including Mike's parents, siblings and their kids. Jolene and Robyn were dressed in their birthday finest and having a whale of a time.

Aunts and uncles and cousins, Oh My!

Mike grilling some excellent tube steaks

Grandma Gail and Robyn in the playroom

Jolene's party dress

Grandma Sandy and Mommy chowing down

Two kids means two cakes

Robyn looks happy

A whole cake just for me???

Grandma Gail and the cousins

Grandpa Peter keeps a low profile

Uncle Tom and Robyn

Mike cuts the cake

Uncle Tom and Jolene team up to feed Robyn

Jo Jo doesn't need any help

And, in the final analysis, neither does Robyn

All the nice gifts and yet they end up playing with the bag

Robyn taking a spin

The party's over - lets' get out of that dress

After the party, we hung around for a bit before heading back to Woodstock for the night. The new house is certainly ideal for entertaining. The whole crowd fit on one floor without crowding so there would have been room for many more people to attend comfortably.

Today's Route (67 van miles):

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