Monday, November 21, 2011

Woodstock Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

One month until  the solstice and the official start of winter.

We left at the same time as Heather and Tom headed for work.  After a quick stop to get McDonald's breakfast to go, we were headed east on the 401 by 7:45 AM.  Traffic bogged down east of Cambridge so we took the Highway 6, County 34, County 1, County 29 route to Highway 24.

It was a nice day for traveling.  We got coffee in Mono Mills and then followed Highway 9 to 400 North.  The service centre in Barrie still doesn't show any evidence of work being done.  I did learn from the radio that watching one hour of television takes 22 minutes off your lifespan.  At that rate,  I think I must have died several years ago.

Welcome to Muskoka District.  The sign says "Once Discovered, Never Forgotten".  The Simcoe County sign says "For The Greater Good".  I understand the Muskoka motto but wonder what the Simcoe people were thinking with the second.

The snow around Parry Sound was almost gone.  Near the French River, I found my blood sugar was low again.  I wonder if the 5 Hour Energy drink contributes to this since it was a common factor between this time and last.  On the plus side, I had a Snickers bar with me this time.  We got into Sudbury in the early afternoon without event.

One beef those of us in Northern Ontario have relates to gasoline prices being much higher here than in the south. These photos, taken today, tell the tale. 'Nuff said.

Mono Mills Ontario

Sudbury Ontario

Today's Route (321 van miles)

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