Saturday, November 07, 2015

Disney World - Quiet Day and Magic Kingdom

Today would be our last full day here. We all woke up late and I continued blog notes and photo sorting. It's hard to imagine that I have published so little of the blog, considering how much time I have invested in it.

We stopped at the Contempo Cafe about 10:30 for breakfast. I went and spoke to Concierge and Bell Services about how to get our bags stored tomorrow while we were wandering the park. Then we went back to the room where Sandy did some packing. The mousekeeper told us that Very Merry Christmas was starting tomorrow and the hotels would be packed. Mike took the girls to the pool for a while.

We arrived at Mickey's Character Buffet next to the Contempo Cafe in the Contemporary lobby at 5:30 PM. The food was good and the characters were plentiful.

Meeting the chef

Goofy must be the sous chef

The family portrait


That's rude!

Don't mess with Minnie!

We had decided to spend the last evening in the Magic Kingdom.The monorail platform was jammed, apparently due to the influx of people for a marathon (lots in running gear) and the early Very Merry Christmas arrivals.

We made it to the first FastPass to meet Ariel at 7:30. I waited outside, resting on a wall, while the rest went inside.

Going in to see Ariel

Meeting the mermaid

The Ariel visit went quickly and they were back a lot sooner than I expected. Then we visited Anna and Elsa of Frozen fame. One of these days, I will have to watch the movie.

Robyn and Minnie

Waiting our turn


Big hugs

We all get in the picture

Meeting Elsa


Group photo

We moved on the the old midway style area in the northeast corner of Fantasyland where the Flying Dumbos are now located. They rode Dumbo and the Barnstormer kids' roller coaster before it started spitting rain. The rain started to pick up so we started back towards the monorail station.

Classic Magic Kingdom

At the hotel, I used my last three snack credits for three side orders of Contempo potato chips. These 'homemade' chips are excellent. We finished our main packing and Kim booked our seats for the flight back but couldn't print the boarding passes. She did prepay for our checked bags. And we re-booked the Pirates of the Caribbean for tomorrow morning.

Before going to bed, I ate an apple crisp dessert I had in the fridge since Monday, washed down with a cup of decaf. Our lasy night in Mouseland.

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