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Maggie Valley North Carolina - SEVROC Day Two - People Gathering In The Rain

Outside the bathroom window, which we kept open for ventilation, was a shed with a tin, all night, we listened to the rhythm of the falling rain. It was still going on at 6:00 AM, so we rolled over and didn't get up until 8:40. The type of rain and clouds, coupled with the radar projections, made this look like an all-day thing.

Only the ducks are happy

Blondy's new truck (and more rain)

We walked down to Pops' for breakfast, stopping for conversation along the way. Most had already eaten but Zeke and Hang joined us. Pop wasn't cooking today so the breakfast was a little short of expectations.

Talking with Butch and Teresa

Six Pack and Blondy

Zeke (looking cheerful) and Hang

The Chev SSR club gathers in Maggie Valley this week every year. A lady from the club told us that trees were falling throughout the area due to excessive rain and shallow roots. One came down in front of their SSR last night. They hit the bushy part and didn't do much damage but another car struck the trunk and a lady ended up in the hospital.

This is the SSR that hit the tree

We also heard at breakfast that new people had bought Ghost Town and were working to bring it back to life. This will provide a huge boost to Maggie Valley if it comes to pass. Then our motel rooms here will cost more.

We wandered back to the room, visiting along the way, and then I finished yesterday's blog. Last night, I had done a preliminary post so folks who couldn't be here would be able to see the pictures.

Wild Rose and Blondy


About 11:30, Sandy and I drove the Equinox to Waynesville and visited the WalMart. They did not have Delight Irish Cream single serve coffee creamers. Neither did they have any eye droppers. To top it off, someone stocked the shelves with the product facing backwards so that all the customer could see was the list of instructions or ingredients. It's hard to get good help these days.

Rather than drive straight back, we continued on US 74 to Balsam Gap and took the Blue Ridge Parkway across to US 19. It was bright despite the rain, giving everything a numinous quality. There was almost no traffic and patches of heavy fog. At one pullout, three bikes had pulled in and the last one, an Indian, had fallen over. The first two riders didn't notice at first but soon rushed over to help pick it up. None of them knew the correct technique. I asked if they were OK and they said yes, but that they needed gas. I suggested they continue eight miles to Soco Gap and then coast down a couple of miles to the Shell station in MV. For the last few miles, I followed a Honda Civic with Georgia plates who braked to 20 MPH in almost all the curves. Despite my close following, they passed three pullouts without giving way. Typical flatlander lack of etiquette.

The mountains are smoky

Oh to be a geologist like my father

We stopped at Fuzzy's on the way back looking for a second small vest for Sandy. Unfortunately, he only had Medium and Extra Small, so we were out of luck. The vest chains were heavy, manly and not at all suitable for her, either.

At the motel, more people were arriving all the time. The rain stopped about 4:10 as well, so we didn't have to hide under the roof.

Rain ended at 4:10

Southern Draw and his magic boot

Butch and Thumper

Susan and Badger arrived from Florida

Linda waiting for Mikey

It was good to see Daley

Rainman arrived on his KTM

Big Dawg got in with his contingent from Circle City

Blondy greeting Red Rover

Flip is in the building

Sandy, Joker and Wild Rose - three from SEVROC 1999

At 5:00 PM, Sandy and I plus Zeke and Hang climbed into the Equinox and headed across US 19 through Cherokee to Two Rivers Lodge, where we stopped to say Hi to Blain and Kathy.

Hang, Zeke and Blain

Blain, Kathy and Miss Opal

We then continued to Bryson City where we had supper at Pasqualino's Italian Restaurant. My chicken Cordon Bleu wasn't as good as I remembered, but Sandy's chicken parmigiana was excellent. The place was not as crowded as last year.

Checking real estate in Bryson City

Small town hall for a small town

A well fed looking crew

We followed US 74 back to Waynesville and Maggie Valley. I didn't want to chance Bambi on the two-lane US 19 at dusk. We arrived about 8:00 PM and spent a pleasant and dry evening reminiscing and BS'ing with the assembled multitudes.

Brandon and Oak

Joker and Flip

Rainman and Blondy


Kicking back

Sandy accidentally locked us out of our room, so I phoned co-owner Rob and he came over and let us in with his master key. We decided to call it a night about 11:00 PM and, after I sorted receipts, photos and notes, I hit the sack about midnight.

This evening's forecast for the rest of the week

Today's Route (109 Equinox miles):

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