Thursday, May 17, 2018

Maggie Valley North Carolina - SEVROC Day Three - The Weatherman Was Wrong

We slept in again this morning, not emerging from our room until almost 9:00 AM. It was dry and the weatherman said it wouldn't rain until 1:00 PM so most of the folks had already headed out. We walked down to Pop's, stopping to talk to the few people still around.

It's a good morning

A few still around (notice Bill's pink tablet)

Wild Rose going for a solo blast

I had a three meat omelette for breakfast, with sourdough toast and tomato. Sandy had two scrambled eggs, bacon and a biscuit. I traded her half my toast for half her biscuit. The omelette was excellent.

People continued to arrive throughout the morning.

Susan from Florida and Cargo, now from Kentucky

Daley (Georgia), Blondy (Alabama) and Joker (now Tennessee)

SEVROC mastermind Jax has arrived

An illustrious collection of famous VROCers

Jax asked for a hand hanging Kawasaki banners. Remember Kawasaki? They produced the Vulcan that resulted in this amazing group, which now mostly rides GoldWings and drives trucks. The gang pitched in and got the job done in no time.

Starting out

Working out the strategy

I'm not sure what Jax has here

Looking good

It's a good thing we don't have a Safety Committee

The final banner on the pool fence and the job is done

Our Wing sat out in 24 hours of rain. I was alarmed to see light rust on the front brake rotors. In 260,000+ kilometres, I have never seen this before. Unlike cars, the Honda motorcycle rotors are stainless. I will have to take it for a ride to scrape this off and see if it happens again.

It started to spit rain just as Willie Wonka and The Lovely Carlene pulled in. They got soaked yesterday in Tennessee by an epic downpour and were glad to get here dry today. But the precipitation was light and brief, putting the lie once again to the meteorologist's predictions.

Willie Wonka and The Lovely Carlene

How does Boomer get Shannon to do this?

Willie and Carlene brought their sewing machine, as usual, to put patches on vests. I had a couple of them, while Sandy needed to have her new vest done from scratch. Willie removed the old patches and laid out the positions using sticky tape, while Carlene sewed.

The skilled Carlene hard at work

Sandy supervising as Willie prepares the patches

There were several collections going on. Blondy was taking donations to cover the cost of the tent. Southern Draw and Southern Charm were selling the meal tickets for Saturday's catered BBQ. Mikey was, as usual, was selling the raffle tickets (again supporting the Waynesville Police K-9 program).

Bill and Laura getting their meal tickets

Look, it's still not raining

TBone looking relaxed

Folks back from their travels - still dry

Mikey - Tickets! Get your tickets!

Sandy puts her raffle tickets in the bag

EZ's low rider Vaquero

I've always wanted to meet Talon in person

Mikey still selling tickets

The infamous Wompus

It looks like Big Dawg is telling a fishing story

Any guess whose PT Cruiser?

We decided yesterday that we would have BBQ supper tonight at Butts On The Creek. I mentioned it to Susan and she called ahead to alert them. They set aside the verandah with 30 seats. In fact, some had to sit inside because there were 48 attendees. It started raining on the way over but most of us were in cars, largely because of the treacherous parking lot. The service and food, however, were both excellent.

A table on the verandah

Another one - I disturbed Flip

Our table

The rowdy table in the corner

The boss's table

Part of the inside crowd

Scooter and his Playthang

Ow, my eye!!!!

Sheree was blowing glass at Butts

Check out the rigging on this ship

Even coloured glass

It was raining when we got back from supper

It rained with varying intensity all evening. Shannon compensated with a huge supply of jello shots while the company under the porch roof reminded us why we haul our asses (and motorcycles) to these VROC events. I repaired to the room about 10:00 to try to sort the ever-growing number of photographs and get down my notes from the day. I finally made it to bed about 11:30.

Today's Route (We didn't go anywhere)

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