Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sudbury Ontario to Washington Pennsylvania

Happy Mother's Day.

It was 35F as we rolled out of the driveway at 6:10 AM. It almost felt like my decision to wear shorts was not the best idea. After a stop at McDonald's, setting the day's destination in the GPS and firing up the audiobook (Under Cover Of The Night by Diane Fanning), we were on the road by 6:30.


 The pylons are out for the Sudbury Rocks Marathon later this morning

 Stopped 40 miles south of town to check bike tie-downs

We stopped for coffee and cookies at the Tim's at the Seguin Trail, at the Esso in Waubaushene for fuel and at the King Service Centre just north of Toronto for another bathroom break. The wind was out of the south just strong enough to keep the Equinox from shifting into 6th gear. This resulted in less than ideal fuel mileage.

Approaching Toronto, I weight taking the 401/403/QEW route to Burlington versus paying through the nose and using the 407 Express Toll Route. I chickened out and took the pay road.

 Burlington Skyway

 Stelco Hamilton (no longer US Steel Canada)

Near Prudhomme's Landing on the QEW, traffic slowed to a crawl. It turned out that a pickup truck/trailer combo on the Toronto-bound side got all tangled up and our jam was just caused by rubberneckers. I hate when that happens. We were getting better fuel mileage due to more favourable wind direction, so we made it to the border without having to buy any more expensive Canadian gas.

 The Peace Bridge is under heavy construction

At the Peace Bridge border crossing, the NEXUS lane was clear. The agent asked us our citizenship, whether we had anything to declare, what was in the trailer and the trailer plate number (I had to get the registration out of the glove box). He allowed us in without even asking where we were going or for how long. We took I-190 to I-90 despite the GPS again trying to get us to take a ground level "shortcut".

 Buffalo in Buffalo

 Seen on I-90 approaching the toll booths

There was a quick stop at the Angola Service Center for lunch-to-go and fuel.

 Welcoem to the Keystone State

 It started spitting as we approached Erie

After following I-90 to Erie, Pennsylvania, we took I-79 south towards Pittsburgh. We switched the audiobook because this one went over a trial in almost painful detail. Boring. The new choice was Steven Tyler's book Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? narrated by Steven himself.

 I-79 south near I-80 (a good day to not be riding)

 Northbound traffic jammed up due to road construction

 Southbound traffic jammed up due to a wreck

 And here it is

 The front of the car looked even worse

 This made me feel all warm and fuzzy

 Some livestock will not be getting a square meal

 Canonsburg Pa is picturesque

We had thought about going to Olive Garden in Washington, Pennsylvania for supper, but it was Mother's Day and the place would probably be jammed. We got fuel and then followed the GPS directions to a Subway that turned out to be in the food court of a huge Tanger Outlet Mall. Unfortunately, the Subway was unmanned (unpersonned?). We finally gave up and stopped at Wendy's for grilled chicken sandwiches on the way to the Microtel. Sandy also got a fifty cent chocolate Frosty.

 Outside the Tanger Outlet Mall

 Inside the Tanger Outlet Mall

 All that food and no one to serve it

But you can charge your electric vehicle

We had a room on the ground floor at the end of a hallway, making for easy access to unload the luggage. I spent some time doing my daily bookwork but turned in early. Lack of sleep last night made it a tough day so I won't let that happen again.

Today's Route (572 Equinox miles):

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