Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Hacienda - Sunday

The time changed overnight. Spring ahead, so we lost an hour. The laptop running XP Home made the change so I guess the Microsoft Updates worked. Gary wasn't feeling well this morning. It looks like he was hit by some version of the Corona Flu. Breakfast was more biscuits and gravy, a waker upper I could easily get used to. I wonder if these would be a hit at Timmy's?

The people bunking at the Hacienda started heading out early, going singly and in pairs as the morning progressed. This was a good trip as I got to put more than a few faces to names I already knew. Jennifer, whose old posting name I never understood until now and who has the best 1/3rd of the Vulcan world. Billy G, who I (sort of) met in New Hampsire but now know much better. Zabrina, Sweet Tooth, whose posts I have been following for some time. Aldo, who has been a regular on the board and at Florida gatherings, thanks for the real estate talk. Patman, who I was remiss in not spending time getting to know with all the crowd around. This is what my VROC world is all about, meeting and hanging with the fine people that populate our newsgroup and our VROC family.

I spent a little time blogging and then went to update my expenses. Wouldn't you know that the one thing I didn't test on this laptop was Excel. It wanted to update the program and requested the CD. The CD, of course, is at home in Sudbury. Once again my best intentions to stay up to date have been stymied, so I sorted the receipts and stuck them in an envelope to deal with when I get home.

We ended up sitting out in the driveway in the shade of the garage as the gentle breezes caressed our winter chapped Canuck hides. Scott, Margot, Judge, Cindy, Jennifer, Leo, Gary, Sandy and I. Bike and cop stories got swapped for quite some time. Mid afternoon, Gary, Scott and I adjourned to the large screen HD TV to watch the NASCAR race from Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the night before caught up with me and I missed much of the race while I napped on the couch. We fund out later that Gary won the week in our VROC NASCAR Fantasy League and vaulted to second place in the standings. I had a different A driver and didn't do as well, but I did make it into the Top Ten.

For supper, we went around the corner to Dallas and Lisa's house where Judge and Cindy were in residence. The house a gorgeous, and fits my total conception of what a dream home would be. Dallas is a painter and did some beautiful work in there. The highlight of the dinner was excellent fried chicken, and the other dishes were just as good. For dessert, we had baked apples, something new to me.

Back at The Hacienda, I checked the tire pressures and attended to a few pre-departure chores. We were in bed by midnight.

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