Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NEXUS and the Watch List

The last time we crossed at the Soo, the Border Agent on the US side let me know that the had established a NEXUS office on the Michigan side. I had been considering NEXUS for a while since, at some crossings, it provides dedicated lanes during busy time. At other times, it is a secure piece of ID that will let the Border Agent know that you have been screened and approved for entry and is a valid alternative to the passport.

So, two evenings ago, I sat down and opened an account each for Sandy and I, filled out the voluminous application forms and submitted them along with our non-refundable payments of $50.00 each. Now we have to sit back and wait for them to let us know if we will be granted and interview, the next step in the approval process.

So, with this in the works, it dismayed me when several VROC friends were good enough to send me the following CNN article. James Robinson on the Terror Watch List? Wow! I wonder how this will affect my NEXUS application. Or, if approved, whether the NEXUS card will make it easier if I fly in the future? Only time will tell.

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