Friday, June 24, 2016

Taos New Mexico - Fire Angel Vietnam Veterans Memorial

There was absolutely no WiFi this morning. We went to the free breakfast about 8:00 AM and found the same selection as yesterday. I feel no need to describe it again. Then we connected to the less than stellar WiFi in the lobby and finished yesterday's blog post. 

Fly and Borys at breakfast

El Nomad and Piper

4E, Barb and Sandy

Light fixture in dining room

Stapler attacked to light fixture with paper clips??

Today's ride was a clockwise loop around the Enchanted Circle leaving at 10:00 AM. Once again, we were asked to be the sweep vehicle. Joe would drive his truck in front with VSP as co-pilot and radio operator. Coyote jumped in with us.

DD and Cheap B

Ready to roll

Leaving soon

We rolled out on US 64 to the northwest and then continued on State 522 with thirty bikes and a few cars. The terrain started flat and then began to roll. In Questa, we turned due east on Colorado 38 through some canyons and past a mine (that turned out to be a Chevron molybdenum mine that shut down two years ago and is now a Superfund cleanup site). You don't see much from the road but a satellite view shows extensive workings. Soon after, we stopped for a break in the town of Red River.

Photos on the way to Red River

Chevron molybdenum mine

Arriving in Red River

We spent a while wandering the Red River main street before Badger announced it was time to leave.

They had a rest room

Probably not today

Coyote, Zeke and DD


Nice truck

Coyote and Slammer

Not open until after noon

Again with the ice at 90 degrees

Nice outcrop

Parked in Red River New Mexico

We eventually saddled up and headed out of Red River up a long climb to Bobcat Pass at 9,820 feet above sea level. The group continued on to Fire Angel and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

On The Road To Fire Angel

The veteran's memorial was the dream of a couple who lost their son in Vietnam. It was very well done and I could see a strong emotional response in some of our members there.

Everyone was on their own to make their way back to Taos. We started out and found the road back to Taos to be awesome. It wound and twisted in a most enjoyable way. It was lunch time, so we headed to Mante's Chow Cart where we had seen a number of law enforcement officers eating. They had New Mexican but the three of us settled for hamburgers and fries, which were very tasty.

Kokopelli at Mante's Chow Cart in Taos

Back at the room, we got a set of rules as to how we should prepare our room for housekeeping from someone named John. Give me a break. Housekeeping should cater to the guests, not the other way around. Then the WiFi was still down so we headed back to the lobby where I ran into Miguel, the young man who had fixed the WiFi on Monday. I convinced him to try again and he got the access point by our room running in about five minutes. If you look at the photos below, though, I don't think Ethernet cables should be running loose along the roof.

Our access point and cables

Awesome cabling job - NOT!!!

When the other went to supper, Coyote, Sherm, Sandy and I went to WalMart. Then we continued to Baskin-Robbins for more ice cream. There was live music and happy crowds in the Plaza when we went through.

Seen at WalMart

The other angle

Happy people, angry clouds

Ice cream again

Back at the motel, we spent some time visiting with different folks before retiring to the room about 10:00. I found the WiFi was down again so I posted today's photos via my cell phone hotspot, hoping that the excess bandwidth would cover it.

Today's Route (88 Equinox miles):

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