Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Taos New Mexico - Los Alamos

The WiFi was marginal this morning, but it worked well enough to allow me to get 56 photos and yesterday's blog entry posted. We walked over to the dining room for our free breakfast buffet where we found pancakes, waffles and scrambled eggs, none of which were very warm.

Cranky already had breakfast

But we did have good company

Yesterday's rain was not kind to the Equinox

Bill brought a baseball for son-in-law Tom

The group ride today was to the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos. The group was to set out at 10:00 AM following Badger and Susan's Ranger truck. We, with Sherm and VSP as passengers,  were tapped to be the sweep vehicle, following the group after blocking traffic as we left the parking lot. Cheap B, in Wanda's VW, shared the blocking duty. There were about 26 bikes along with the three quadracycles in the procession, and we stayed remarkable well together all the way to Los Alamos.

Cranky making a point to the leaders

Waiting to roll

Photos From The Ride To Los Alamos

The Bradbury Science Museum, the public face of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, was free. They had exhibits about the work there to develop nuclear fission and the atomic bomb during World War II, as well as other development work done since then and continuing to this day. There were interactive exhibits as well as static displays.

VSP working on a puzzle involving ladies and tigers

I solved this one

Sandy and Mal are electrifying together

Sandy and Sherm working an electronic gate

Everyone was on their own for lunch and the return trip to Taos. Some ate in Los Alamos, but we left and headed for Espanola to see what we could find. After looking around, we discovered Angelina's, purveyors of fine New Mexican and American food. And fine it was. Sherm said the chili relleno was as good as he has ever had, while the open face roast beef sandwiches with gravy, mushrooms and mashed potatoes that Sandy and I had were memorable. VSP got me a tamale, since I had never had one, and got flautas for Sandy to sample.

Rain again?

Down the hill from Los Alamos

Recommended in Espanola, New Mexico

Waiting for food

The food arrived

Amazing roast beef sandwich

Happily stuffed, we continued on to Taos. There were raindrops and gusty winds part of the way and the temperature drop from 94 to 72 the last twenty miles. We came through town using the back streets to avoid traffic on the Paseo's.

The mighty Rio Grande

Rock formations

More rocks

More rain

Back at the hotel, we visited for the rest of the afternoon. The WiFi got progressively worse, so we took a break and talked about old TV shows, movies and comedians. Most of the group decided to go the the Guadalajara Restaurant for Mexican supper (Lanny found out there were two locations), but Sherm, Coyote, Sandy and I just went to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream.

Fly, DD, Sandy and Romy talking about British TV

After supper, we gathered at the circle for a demonstration of native dancing by members of the local Taos Pueblo. At the end, they even coaxed a few of our members to join in.

The Watchers

Margot, badger and Susan

Laura, Bass Man and Ice Cream

Penmaker and Wes

Not one of us but someone else needs that shirt

Zeke and Hang

Linda (Mrs NiteLite), Jim S, Romy and DD

Solo and the Missus

Mom and the Kids
Sandy with Southern Charm and Southern Draw

The Dancers

After the dances, we visited while the ladies adjourned for lemon drops. It rained a bit, so we moved under the overhang behind the dining room. Sandy and I wandered back to the room about 10:00, found the WiFi unusable, and went to bed.

Today' Route (129 Equinox miles):

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