Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Taos New Mexico - WWRX Getting Settled

WWRX - WWR for Wolfman's (RIP) Wandering Rally and X because this is the tenth time.

It was the first full day of summer and the temperature was 56F at 7:00 AM. We went over for our half price breakfast in the coffee shop about 8:00. It was an interesting experience because the menu wasn't very descriptive and our young server wasn't very experienced. My omelette was runny and she didn't bring the toast that Sherm, Sandy and I were supposed to get. When it was mentioned, she said she forgot but then never did bring us any. The rest of the week, there is supposed to be a free breakfast buffet.

Didsbury Dave and his morning coffee

We found the coffee shop

 It was at the end of the gallery (some nice paintings here)

We spent the morning visiting and trying to complete blogs via the slower than usual WiFi. We did sign up for the meals and get some 50/50 tickets from Susan and Badger, our gracious organizers.

Susan and Badger look on while Sherm and Wild Rose examine the goods

Susan and Badger

 Tom Miller has arrived from Kentucky

About noon, Sherm wanted to check out the Yeti mugs at Ace Hardware and see if they would fit the mug ring on his Harley. With the mug ring in hand, the three of us set out into town on Paseo Del Pueblo Norte and then Paseo Del Pueblo Sur. We arrived at the first Ace (there were two) where we found their selection was limited and the mug they had was too big for the ring. The second store was down past WalMart. They had more styles but they were still all too big. We did meet Ken, who worked there and whose grandfather came from Peterborough, Ontario.

DD and Sandy watch Sherm removing the mug ring

This the place - NOT

 On the way back, we stopped at a Taos, which looked a lot like a McDonald's. I got chastised for trying to photograph a sign prohibiting backpacks, etc. It seems I missed the sign prohibiting photography. If you want a Mickey D's bacon club burger, I suggest you special order it without the sauce or else have plenty of napkins handy.

The Golden Arches of Taos

Sherm is a western history buff and wanted to visit the Kit Carson Home and Museum. We found it a stone's throw away from The Gorge restaurant where we ate last night. I parked in the Plaza again but we had to give the meter $0.50 for an hour. That was reasonable. Then we cruised some of the many shops before crossing the road to the museum.

All things Kokopelli and more

Taos Plaza

Five windows

I was surprised that the house/museum was right in the busiest part of downtown Taos. Kit Carson brought his third wife Josefina to this four room house where they raised seven children of their own and three they adopted. Carson was a Mason and the Museum is now owned by the Masonic organization. It was interesting and informative.

Kit Carson House & Museum - Taos New Mexico

Concussion, anyone?

While we were downtown, Susan called Sherm to see if he could get her another bottle of Smirnoff's vodka for the lemon drops (a VROC ladies tradition). We left downtown and headed back towards Walmart, hoping to find the Albertson's that was reported to have a better alcohol selection. Smirnoff's was on sale but Skyy was on sale more.

Mission accomplished

I found a back way that avoided the traffic jam on the Paseo. We fueled at the Valero by the hotel and were back in the parking lot by 3:40 PM. I got a photo of impending black clouds and then it started to rain off and on while we were treated to a display of thunder and lightning that went on all evening. This proves that even if you have a VROC rally in a desert, you better bring an umbrella.

Weather is coming

Fly explains something to DD while Borys stretches his back

Singing in the rain


Laura made it

Lanny and Stockbridge Richard talk while Cargo ponders

Teresa and Butch

Rainman, Penmaker and Malachi

Yvette, Southern Draw and Cheap B

Southern Draw, 4E and Cheap B

Margot and friends

Around 5:30, we gathered near the pool for meet and greet snacks and refreshments. A little after 6:00, we moved into the dining room for a hot dog, hamburger and potato salad buffet. Then we moved back out, avoiding the intermittent rainfall while continuing to meet and greet.

Meeting and greeting

More m & g

Note the wet ground

Trouble and Sherm

Nitelite, Tinker and Wild Rose

Zeke, VSP and Linda

Hang (Zeke's companion)

CC Rider greeting Sherm

Hang enjoying a Buttershot

We didn't stay up late. The thunder was still rolling and the sky flashing when we retired to the room about 10:30.

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