Monday, August 31, 2009

Bridal Shower Weekend

Heather's bridal shower was set for Sunday at Zofia's and Kim was scheduled to have her gall bladder removed Monday morning, so we headed south for the weekend. Sandy would stay down to help Kim after the surgery while I would come back up on Monday. I'd then return Thursday with the bike and trailer for Cyclefest. To carry all the things we needed for the shower and Sandy's stay, we took the van.

Friday, August 28th

We left Sudbury around 9:00 AM headed south through heavy traffic, unusual since it was early and not a long weekend. Lots of large, slow trucks. We stopped at Tim Horton's south of Parry Sound and endured a very slow young lady at the drive-thru window. It was like she was in slow motion. This place has never had a very good reputation for speedy service.

We took a side trip across Highway 169 to Torrance and caught Muskoka CR 13, aka Southwood Road, down to Severn Bridge on Highway 11. This is bar far the nastiest little riding road I have found in Ontario, steady twists, turns and hills. Lots of bicycles. I had heard of this but never been on it and, after this four wheeled check ride, I need to come back with the bike.

We drove down Highway 11 and took the 400 to 401 in Toronto, hoping to beat the rush without paying the ETR toll. As we approached the 401 West split, traffic came to a stop. They now have two full lanes from the end of the 400 going to the 401 West but both lanes end almost immediately leaving no space for a large quantity of traffic to merge. I'd like to meet the engineer who thought this was a good idea. Before too long, we did get inserted and traffic flowed well the rest of the way.

I had a minor encounter with a red Pontiac that hogged the left lane on the six-lane 401. I could have low-balled her but I was in a mood so I got behind her and hit my high beams. After a bit, she made a rude gesture but I stuck there until, around Milton, she finally moved over. I wonder what goes through some people's minds.

Highway 8 was closed before Champlain, so we had to take a detour into Kim & Mike's neighborhood. We arrived about 2:45 and spent much of the rest of the day playing with Jolene.

Jolene likes to stand up these days

Saturday August 29th

Mike went to work and Sandy, Kim and Jolene went shopping. I took tables and chairs over to Zofia's for the shower and then headed to Toronto the visit The Mighty Stonewall in Woodbridge. We had a nice visit out by his pretty pool and I gave him a book on the Civil War from the 1800's that I had found cleaning out an old building. On the way back, Mike called to say Highway 7 was closed near Guelph but I had already decided to run the 407 back. Heather and Tom came over and shared Mike's spaghetti supper. We were going to watch a movie but never got around to it.

Sunday, August 30th

Shower day. Mike was getting Jolene's stuff ready to go to Aylmer so Grandma Gail could watch her the first few days after Kim's surgery. He warned everyone that he had left a cup of java on the coffee table. Jolene was nowhere near it so we didn't worry. A very few moments later, there she was, standing up at the table and knocking the cup over onto a pile of books and papers. The new tactics will come.

Jolene ready to go to Aylmer

Kim and Sandy made meatballs, macaroni and potato salad for the shower. Then I drove them over to Zofia's by way of Jessica's to give her a ride. After dropping them off, Tom and I headed to Inverhaugh to visit our old friend Eric. He and Sherry are in the process of selling their home and moving to a place near Highway 9 and Tottenham Road. We talked houses, bikes, golf and travel and then decided to go out for some food.

The Breadlbin Pub - Fergus, Ontario

The Scotsman Outside (for Roxy)

The Breadalbin Pub is a Scottish place with a pricey menu, but the pulled pork sandwich I had was, perhaps, the best I ever encountered. It didn't have the Carolina style vinegar sauce. I can't put my finger on what it did have, but it was very good. After we ate, we stood on the street and watched a long procession of classic and vintage cars roll by from the car show in Elora.

Dropping Eric off, we returned to Zofia's about 5:00. Some shower guests were still there and the food still on the table was incredible.

The room

Some of the food

Agnes, Heather, Kim and Tina at the gift opening

Mike met us at the house on his way back from Aylmer. After eating some of the leftover food (and there was lots and it was good), we loaded up gear and headed back to Kim and Mike's for the night.

Monday August 31st

Kim was scheduled for the gall bladder surgery at 11:30 but they called to say they were running early so they headed off for the hospital. I waited at the house with Sandy until Mike called to say it was over and all went well. Kim would be coming home this evening. Things being under control here, I headed out about 3:00 PM and got back to Sudbury without incident around 9:00 PM.

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Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is adorable. My great niece turned 1 year old in mid August. She is enjoying walking, dancing and even starting to run now. They grow up so fast!