Saturday, August 08, 2009

Freedom Riders Bash

One of the traditions of the Freedom Riders is the Club Bash. This is our only Members Only gathering and is usually held soon after the Freedom Rally so that we can use up any left over food and beverages. The club picks up the cost of the food and supplies. Our annual Memorial Ride is usually held in conjunction with the Bash.

This year, the Bash was held at the Mine/Mill Campground one week after the rally. People could camp there overnight if they chose to. The Memorial Ride was scheduled to start at 1:00 PM.

You can see the Metis tent grew over the last week. At the Freedom Rally, it was round with one centre pole. Now it had three centre sections added and had four centre poles. Gord and I helped set it up during the week, no small task. It does give one a sense of accomplishement to see it standing there and know we had a part in it.

The turnout for the ride was low because of threatening weather. Gord led us south on Highway 69, across the Wanup Road and back west on Highway 17 to Fielding Memorial Park. We stopped and turned our thoughts to those who were no longer with us.

The Memorial Ride at Fielding Memorial Park

Sandy's Nature Photo of the Day

From Fielding, we rode up through Lively to Chelmsford. Here, the group started to break up as we all headed home under threatening skies to get our cars and return to the Bash. Sandy and I had decided we wouldn't be camping.

Back at Mine/Mill, we hung out and then the food arrived. Ken, the Bash organizer, had gotten a lasagna from the famous Caruso Club and we had sausages and burgers left over from the rally. Couple this with a salad selection and the feed was excellent. After the sun went down, Ken got a fire started and we burned some of the leftover firewood and pallets.

Shawn & John wait for food (note the rain outside)

Food line

The bonfire

All in all, it was a fine Bash.

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