Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Normie and I drove last night for Operation Red Nose. They took calls until 4:00 AM and, when the phones closed, we were unexpectedly caught up. Home by 5:00 AM.

We have big plans for the upcoming year, the first of which will be to find an insurance company which will sell me Out of Canada health insurance, considering the stent I had put in last November.

I hope we can hit  the revived Hill Country Rally in Texas in early April. We will head down to SEVROC in Maggie Valley in May and then stay down, probably visiting the Outer Banks and some mountain roads before we return to Bryson City to meet the Freedom Riders in mid-June. July should see us out in Solvang, California again and in early August we will be back in Bryson City,  NC for the Wandering Rally. After Labour Day, there will be a new Mid-Ohio gathering  put on by the Great Lakes VROC crew followed by Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

On our travels, some sightseeing would be nice. Maybe a stop in the Black Hills and another at Topaz Lake, Nevada for old times sake. Perhaps a ride through Lolo Pass in Montana. Whatever we can fit in. Plus some golfing where I can find the course and time. And a long overdue visit to our Pennsylvania cousins.

So we are ready to grab the  gusto during the next year. Hopefully, we'll cross paths with many of you along the way.

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