Sunday, August 28, 2016

Woodstock Ontario - Fiona's Christening

Sandy and I were up at 6:00 AM. The hotel breakfast started at 6:30 and included scrambled eggs, sausage patties and home fries. It was not a bad way to start the day, although Sandy stuck with cereal and yogurt.

Sunrise over Woodstock

After breakfast, we returned to the room and got into our Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. I put on my good pants, my favourite dress shirt and a tie. I had left the jacket at home. You will see me in a tie about as often as you see a solar eclipse. Sandy wears a dress about as often, but she looked really good in this one.

We arrived at Heather and Tom's about 8:00 AM. There was a flurry of getting parents and kids ready and loaded in their van. Then we followed them over to the Catholic Church of the Holy Cross where Kim, Mike, Jolene and Robyn were already waiting. It was starting to get warm as we went into the church.

Three quarters of our grandchildren

Holy Cross Catholic Church

Holy Cross serves the Polish Community. Once a month, the Sunday mass is in English. The priest, who also baptized Jasper, was an affable man with limited English and an offbeat sense of humour. He had us move to the front pews and had intended to conduct the baptism as part of the mass, but Tom's mother and father didn't arrive until after it was over. Robyn sat with me through the mass and, although she was bubbling over with energy, didn't cause any problems. In fact, I was proud of all the children. I was more concerned about the church being struck by lightning because I was attending.

After the mass, the family gathered around and the good father welcomed Fiona into their community of faith. She didn't cause any fuss, even when the holy water was applied.

Big brother waiting

Mother and father

Fiona and godmother Kim

Don't drown the kid

And it's done

Parents and godparents

Mom, Dad and Big Brother

With Grandma and Grandpa

The Gronek Clan

All the cousins

When the ceremony was over, we headed to the stately Elm Hurst Inn, about ten miles away in Ingersoll, for lunch. The buffet was well appointed, the staff was friendly and efficient and the food was first rate. Spirits were high and all the kids were good. It was an all round excellent gathering.

Elm Hurst Inn - Ingersoll Ontario

They wouldn't let us eat off these

The photo fountain

Jasper James

Fiona's ear print on Uncle Mike's arm

We left Ingersoll behind and returned to Woodstock, stopping to change into more relaxed clothing at the hotel before going to the house. There was a lively gathering. I sat on the front porch with Kim as we plotted the next day's visit to Canada's Wonderland. After looking at the various options, I ordered the tickets on line and suitable QR codes were sent to my phone. This was my first time dealing with these little bits of electronic magic that young folks today take for granted.

After everyone left, Tom, Heather and the kids came back to the hotel with us. We changed in the room and then went down to the pool, which we had all to ourselves. Jasper wasn't to sure at first but, once he found the water wings would hold him up, had a great time. Fiona didn't seem to care one way or the other.

Jasper and Tom in the pool

Grandma and Fiona

After our guests went home, Sandy and I just took it easy. Tomorrow was going to be another early day so I spent my time reading "Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice" by Bill Browder. It is an alarming true tale of intrigue and corruption in Putin's Russia.

I had a problem with the on line TV guide before I left. Our guide is supposed to have programs for the next two weeks but Space Channel wasn't updated. After two calls to Eastlink Support, I sent an Email to the President indicating my dissatisfaction. The bottom line was that I hadn't been able to schedule a recording of this week's episode of The Last Ship so I watched it live before going to bed.

I set the alarm and was asleep soon after my program was over. Sandy beat me by at least an hour.

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