Monday, September 19, 2016

Auburn Indiana to Sudbury Ontario

We started north on I-69 at 6:45 AM after a hot Hampton Inn breakfast. After crossing into Michigan, the roads got rougher, as usual. In Lansing, we took US 127 north but it took me two tries. I have gone through this interchange many times and yet I somehow got turned around and found us heading for Port Huron on the first attempt.

Usually, the trees here are well into their colour change this time of year, but all Sandy got to photograph was a few tinges. Maybe fall will be late this year. Maybe we can golf on Christmas Day again??

A bit of colour

A bit more

Trees are taking their time

I was really starting to feel really tired so Sandy took over the driving from Gaylord to Mackinaw City.

Team driver

Clouds behind clouds

Big Mac comes into view

Rested, I took the wheel back  before we crossed the Mackinac Bridge. The High Wind signs were up but they didn't affect the Equinox.

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Lanes closed as usual

Hydro-Jet Ferry

Gateway to a different world

The Upper Peninsula was quiet. We stopped for fuel before crossing the border. There was almost no traffic US bound and we drove down to find an empty lane just waiting for us. The border agent asked what we were bringing back with us. I told him we had various items amounting to $250 US and he waived us right through. Total time on the bridge was about four minutes. Best crossing ever.

Lake boat leaving locks for Lake Superior

No one ahead of us

The trip back was uneventful until we got to the Spanish River Bridge. It was still one lane but we got across quickly. Then we got stuck in a much longer line because they were paving at Old Nairn Road. Then there was another and finally a 4th flagger by Fairbanks Road. That was a miserable final 35 miles after a 2,500 mile trip. Good old MTO.

Two seasons in Northern Ontario - winter and construction

Even the cops don't get a break

Will they get it finished by winter?

We finally pulled into our driveway a little before 5:30. It is always sad to get home after the last run of the year. Hopefully, it will be a short winter and then we can do it all over again.

Today's Route (600 Equinox miles):

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