Thursday, September 15, 2016

Eureka Springs Arkansas - The Dinner and The Hoe-down

Happy Birthday, Normie. We miss you. Love, Honour, Respect.
It was a slow, quiet morning. Some of the people set out on rides while the rest of us just kicked back for awhile.

Zeke and Hang


Thumper, Southern Draw and Butch

Bassman ready to lead his ride

About 10:20, Zeke and Hang joined us for a drive back to Mertie May's. They still had the breakfast menu up while the soup and salad bar were also open. They were just setting up the lunch buffet as well, so we had no end of choices. Sandy and I decided to have breakfast a la carte while the others opted for the lunch buffet. I think we all left happy.

Ouch!! Seen at the Best Western

At Mertie May's again

Sandy's breakfast

My breakfast

Beef ready for the lunch buffet

Sherm trying the fried chicken

Zeke and Hang enjoying the lunch buffet

Helix Voyager seen at the Best Western

Back at the room, Sherm's fancy new Windows 10 computer decided it did not want to play sounds any more. The diagnostic routine said there was no sound device. I looked through the system as best I could but what I know about Windows 10 wouldn't fill a thimble. He had a deal with Best Buy/Geek Squad for technical support, so he called them. They took over his machine remotely and fixed the driver issue. I've read these drivers don't tolerate Windows Updates at all well.

Again, I worked on catching up while everyone took it easy.

That poor elk

Mitch and his lovely new bride Johnna

Kopperhed is hung over but Flash is not

Mad Kaw and Pecos trying helmets

Thumper, Southern Draw, Mal and CheapB

Hot Sauce

Boomer, Rainman, Brandon and Cleve

Freya and her dad

Hang and Zeke

Three generations of Gambler Clan on a trike

This evening, the Meet and Greet was scheduled for Forest Hill, almost next door.  Some walked but we drove and were almost the first ones there. We staked out the table in the middle of the private room and asked the Texas ladies to join us. We were short a few seats so some of the folks had to sit out in the main part of the restaurant.

Sherm dressed for dinner

Forest Hill Restaurant

The factory is in Berryville

Lots of choices

They had a dinner buffet that included a soup and salad bar. Sandy and I decided to order off the menu instead, but that still included the soup and salad bar. My entree was chicken covered with bacon and mushrooms in a cheese sauce. Sandy had chicken parmigiana penne. The food was OK but not spectacular. Our server looked very good and seemed to grasp our orders but did not bring the drinks nor our bills. Checking out with Gina took quite a while because she spent so much time talking to the customers.

Salad bar/buffet line

My salad bar plate

My chicken topped with bacon and mushrooms in a cheese sauce

Sandy's small chicken parmigiana penne

Our table

She was very pretty but missed some details

I don't usually do selfies

My new profile picture?

Laura had arranged a discount to attend the new show at the Ozark Mountain Hoe-Down Theater. We saw The George Brothers in earlier years but they had sold out and gone touring. Only seven of us went because someone had been telling folks that the show wasn't very good. Boy were they wrong. We saw a high energy show with talented people. The company was made up of eight folks who never stopped moving for over two hours. For those of you who decided not to go, it was your loss.

Before the show, one couple we didn't know said they were at the Dutton Show and remembered seeing The Senorita (aka Sandy). She was now a celebrity.

Going for some entertainment

The rest of the small crew

Back at the hotel, the folks were meeting but had moved away from our door. It was appreciated.

Parking lot socializing

Again, as is our style, we turned in early.

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