Saturday, June 16, 2018

Topaz Lake Nevada - HSVROC Redux: Monitor Pass and Markleeville

Sherm, Sandy and I went over to the Lodge for breakfast about 8:00 AM. If we applied our free complimentary breakfast coupons to a real breakfast, we got $3.00 off. I had scrambled eggs and ham with a side of tomatoes and rye toast. Sandy had something called deep fried pancakes that came with a mountain of whipped cream. Sherm skipped eating and struck a deal with Mongrel to sell him the Indian.

Heading for breakfast

Sherm talking Indian with Mongrel

Sandy with a great backdrop out the window

VSP, Phil, Linda and Nite Lite

Sandy's deep fried pancakes

My ham and eggs with tomato

Seen in the parking lot

I guess it is a '36

Nice Chevy, Jim

Air must be at a premium at this elevation

Lonnie cleaning his windshield

Carl and Phil - east meets west

Deciding where to go today

One of the traditions at HSVROC was to go over Monitor Pass to Markleeville where we would have ice cream. Being creatures of habit, we decided that was what we would do today. Sherm and Mongrel joined Sandy and I in the Equinox and Nite Lite and Linda followed in their red Kia Soul. Phil and Cranky followed the Kia on motorcycles.

California Agricultural Inspection - the Ontario plates got stopped and questioned

Starting up Monitor Pass

Lots of corners

Lots of hills

A recent burn area

That's the road we came up way down there

On top of the world

The climb levels off near the summit

Over the summit at 8,314 feet

We eventually turned right on Highway 4 and arrived at Markleeville. Just before we reached town, I slowed to the 30 MPH posted speed limit. As I came around the last curve, I found myself staring at a Nevada State Trooper. Good  decision.

The bad news was that the ice cream shop appeared to have gone out of business. A lot can happen in eight years. We quickly adapted and went to the Alps Haus Cafe, a small place that just had enough seats for us. Sandy and I shared a pastrami and Swiss sandwich while she had a strawberry smoothie. The food was good and the people were friendly.

This was the ice cream place

Equinox and Kia

What to do?

Let's try this place

Because this one was closed too

Took this photo for Mal

Sherm's lunch was something between two lettuce leafs

Cranky and Phil decided to go their own way after lunch. The two cars continued on Highway 89 until it got to Highway 88. We turned right and followed the same path we did yesterday back to US 395. I stopped at the same 7-Eleven for more fuel on the way back to Topaz.

Highway 89

More 89

Almost to Highway 88

We got back to the Lodge at 1:45 PM. I worked on photos and notes because the WiFi continued to frustrate me. It was fast when it worked, but it had very frequent dropouts. Don cancelled the Heyday Inn supper, so Sandy and Wild Rose made a 6:00 PM reservation for 16 in the Topaz Lodge Steak House.

I called PC Mobile again about the failure to roam down here. I can access T-Mobile but all other carriers show forbidden. This was a new thing. Someone answered right away for a change and then switched me to tech support. After I described the problem and location, he said he would have to pass the question up the chain because my roaming was not supposed to be blocked. He said someone should get back to me within 24 hours.

There were two GoldWings and an Indian that did not belong to us. The Honda's belonged to two guys from Montreal who had been following Route 66. The Indian was ridden by a gentleman who emigrated from Colombia in 1980 and now lived in Florida.


The Quebecois GoldWings

We made the marquis

We assembled at the Steak House at 6:00 and were shown to seats at three tables. Two tables seated six people and one, by the window, seated four. This place was not cheap but Sandy liked her filet mignon and my 10 ounce prime rib was great. Our server Denise ragged on me for asking for oyster crackers with my New England clam chowder appetizer, but she brought them anyway.

Sandy, Jim, Laurie, Lonnie, Sherm and my chair

Donna, Mongrel, Wild Rose and VSP

Carl, Six Pack, Linda, Nite Lite, Wolf and Phil

The meal was very good. Sandy's creme brulee dessert was exquisite based on the tiny bite I got. I washed my supper down with two margaritas and then washed the margaritas down with a free shot of neat bourbon in the bar. For some reason, I was very mellow after that.

Visiting in the parking lot after supper

Back at the room, the WiFi crapped out again. We visited in the parking lot and said goodbye to the people who would be leaving in the morning. Sherm was one of those pulling up stakes because he was taking Mongrel back to Kingman in the car to finalize the Indian transaction. The plan called for Mongrel to then ride the Indian back home to Washington State.

It was not very late when we retired to the room and hit the sack.

Thanks to the Very Sort Person (VSP) for organizing this trip down memory lane. It was worth the trek across the country. Next year, there aren't any events as yet planned for west of the Mississippi. I hope someone will pick a date and a place. That is all we need.

Today's Route (65 Equinox miles):

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