Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Williams Arizona WWR XII - The Adventure Begins

Ray from Southern California was already here with his Harkey Trike. He arrived yesterday. Mal and Yvette had been here as well but then had gone out riding.

Our home for the next four nights

Sandy, Sherm and Pat

Ray was already here

Solo and Eric arrived from Colorado Springs


Butch and Teresa arrive from Kentucky

And here is the esteemed Bucky

Tires are leaving marks in the pavement

Wolf arrived from the PNW

Wolf making some adjustments

Rally organizer Jim and his wife Laurie arrive

Everyone admiring the new "Chevy":-))

Wolk is heading back out

Mad Kaw and Pecos arrive from Illinois

I hope he is just stretching

We went to get our tickets for tomorrow's train ride to the Grand Canyon

Cranky is here from California

The young men of VROC

Going across the street for supper

Betty is everywhere

A small licence plate collection

The banner is up (sort of)

Joe and Yvette finally returned

The Canadian contingent

A Walk Through Williams For Ice Cream

Pat & Sherm, Butch & Teresa, Sandy and I

If Normie was with us, he would be here

No reduced sugar ice cream, but Pat got a cone

Back at the hotel, we socialized in the parking lot. In addition to VROC, we met Carlos. He was towing a 2007 Victory Kingpin with Corbin saddlebags and seat in a U-Haul trailer. He would be meeting his wife in Texas, where she would take over the car and follow him as he rode the bike north and east. I heard New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Niagara Falls on his itinerary.

It was nice talking to you, Carlos. Be safe.

How big was it, Pecos?

Some serious group discussions

Just before sundown, two CruiseAmerica 23 footers pulled in and a whole mass of Asian tourists got out. They had rented rooms here because, I am sure, that many people can not sleep in a motorhome that size.

An odd sight in a motel lot

I departed the conversations about 8:20 PM and repaired to my room to sort my pills for the next week, review photos and put together a blog post so others who could not be here could see what was going on.

We miss you, Mark and Wanda. Wish you were here.

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