Saturday, June 23, 2018

Marinette Wisconsin to Sudbury Ontario

As usual near the end of a trip, my sense of urgency to keep the blog up to date started to wane. I didn't even load the photos from the cameras to the computer last night, much less transcribe notes or complete the post. I wonder how long it will take me to finish the post these last two days?

There was moisture on the windshield this morning for the first time in a while. We headed out at 7:00 AM, fueling in Marinette before crossing the bridge to Menominee, Michigan.

Welcome to Marinette Wisconsin

A downtown waterfront is a good thing here

Last state of the trip

At 7:47 AM Central, as we drove along the shore of Lake Michigan towards Escanaba, the clock jumped to 8:47 Eastern Time. Our home time zone. I found myself starting to get tired after just one hour on the road. Sad, but an indicator that I need to improve my fitness levels.

Lake Michigan

There was some major road work going on as we went through Escanaba.

Escanaba Michigan

Little Bay de Noc

Highway 2 was fairly quiet, as was Michigan 117 through Engadine to Michigan 28. We stopped to pick up food at the McDonald's by the Newberry turnoff. It was hot and dry again and the Golden Arches was packed.

Busy McDonald's - Newberry Michigan

Upper Michigan foliage - Highway 28

As we reached Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, an electronic sign informed us that this was the day of the annual International Bridge Walk and that the bridge to Canada had been closed until 10:15. Lucky for us, we didn't get to the Soo until 12:40.

After a final top-up of relatively cheap fuel at the Krist station, we paid the toll and headed across the river to our home and native land. After passing a long line of US bound vehicles, we were surprised to find that there was no wait whatsoever at Canadian customs. After presenting our NEXUS cards and declaring $60 worth of goods, we were cleared and welcomed home in about thirty seconds.

Out traditional last stop in the USA

I wish they took E-ZPass

Long US bound line

The actual border

St. Mary's Rapids (Sault Ste. Marie)

I wish it was always like this

My brother Dave was golfing so we didn't stop in Soo, Ontario.

Willie and Carlene will remember this

Traffic was relatively light on Highway 17. We stopped for a bathroom break and I got a coffee in Blind River. In Cutler, they had converted the long passing lane to a centre turn lane and reduced the speed limit to 70 KPH. The four lane approaching Sudbury was still only two lanes, but it was the other two lanes this time. Hopefully, the end of this project is in sight.

Highway 17 - two lanes, no passing

The Superstack - the signature Sudbury landmark (for now)

Seen on The Kingsway

We pulled into the driveway just after 4:00 PM, having covered 6,727 miles in 22 days. We saw sights and friends. It was a good trip even if we didn't take the bike. After unloading the car, we headed out and bought groceries.

Today's Route (434 Equinox miles):

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