Sunday, June 10, 2018

Williams Arizona to Kingman Arizona

We didn't get out of bed until 6:30 AM. Our destination for today was Kingman, only a couple of hours down the road. We went out and watched Malachi and Yvette load their bikes and Gone Mad Mike and Lisa load their Mustang.

We were a little later than usual getting over to the Route 66 Diner for breakfast. Cranky was with us and we had a new server who was very pleasant (even if she was a Kyle Busch fan). The biscuits were a little heavier today. Different cook.

 Waiting for breakfast at the Route 66 Diner

When I went to check out, Aiden was puzzled. The system had our room and Jim and Laurie's room on my account. The system charged my credit card for the second room but Aiden processed the credit right away. He was still scratching his head when I left.

We thanked Jim and Laurie for organizing this rally. Having a place and time to gather continues to be important to us and we are grateful to those who make the effort to do so. There are getting to be less and less rallies these days.

Once our gear was loaded and the goodbyes were said, we were on the road westbound at 8:30.

 Construction on I-40

 6% downgrade for five miles

 Santa Maria Mountains in the distance

There were signs about construction ahead as we approached Seligman, so we got off I-40 and took Old Route 66 to Kingman. We had the road largely to ourselves until we got near Hackberry, where large numbers of motorcycles made their presence known>

 Construction ahead on I-40

 Memories of bygone days

 Thanks to the efforts of Angel Delgadillo

 S is for Seligman

 Downtown Seligman

 Working girls taking a break

 Memories of the Mother Road

 Sir Tow Mater

 The famous Roadkill Cafe

 Westside Lilo's Cafe

Scenes on Old Route 66 - Seligman to Kingman

 Hackberry General Store

We arrived at Sherm's in Kingman at 10:45. After we brought the luggage in, he drove us way up into the Hualapai Mountains for lunch at the Hualapai Mountain Resort. Their buffet was still on so we all had that. The food was good but Sherm said it was better under the previous owners/

 Deep in the Hualapai Mountains

 Hualapai Mountains

 Indulging in the buffet

 Sherm's lunch

 Kingman down below

We think her tractor's sexy

Back at the house, Sandy did laundry while I finished yesterday's blog post and sorted photos and transcribed notes from today. Sandy's camera had better photos today after I switched the setting to shutter priority and changed the focus speed.

Around supper time, we went down to MacDonald's where I used the kiosk and tapped. One improvement here is taking a number to put on the table so that someone could bring the food to us. Sherm tried to explore some nuances about the Mickey D app, but it seemed that no one trained the staff on the details.

I spent the evening doing some financial chores that required a secure connection and finishing this post. Pat got in from her conference a little after 8:00 PM. Tomorrow, we start out towards High Sierra VROC Redux in Topaz Lake, Nevada. We don't have to be there until Wednesday, so some sightseeing will be on the agenda.

Today's Route (127 Equinox miles):

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