Sunday, February 02, 2020

A Lazy Day In Woodstock

It was Groundhog Day. The closest rat, Wiarton Willie, did not see his shadow so they claimed it would be an early spring instead of six more weeks of winter. That does not thrill us in Sudbury because we know we will be looking at eight to ten more weeks of winter no matter what any prognosticating rodent has to say.

It was also Superb Owl day, according to our friend Eve. She likes owls but doesn't care for football. Neither do I.

We decided to lay low for most of the day. It was this day a year ago when Sandy's brother Malcolm tragically left us. We stayed in bed until after noon, although we did chat with Malcolm's Jan for a couple of hours on the phone. She was spending the first day in the new condo she bought in Calgary.

Snow was sticking to the ground as we slipped over to Subway for lunch. Sandy had her usual ham/Swiss sandwich while I had a chicken breast and bacon chopped salad. Then it was back to the room where I did more blog work.

About 4:30, we stopped over to see Heather, Tom and the kids. After visiting for a few hours, we headed back, stopping at a Pita Pit to pick up supper. We had never gone to a Pita Pit before. I had a bacon/cheeseburger concoction while Sandy got a falafel pita. It was like Subway in a Pita, something I could do again.

Back in the room, I finalized the October blogs, sorted the photos from this trip and transcribed all my notes. The Super Bowl played in the background and we got a chance to see Kansas City come from behind for the win.

After packing much of our luggage, we went to bed and went straight to sleep.

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