Friday, February 21, 2020

Sudbury Ontario to Cambridge Ontario

Today marked one month until the first official day of Spring (and probably two months until the start of motorcycle season) and was also the beginning of a twofold trip.

Last year, we joined Kim, Mike, Jolene, Robyn and members of the Cambridge Community Church as their team participated in the Coldest Night Of The Year charity walk. When they told us they would be walking again this year, we decided that we should keep the tradition alive. For the first part of the trip, we will head down to Cambridge today and walk tomorrow night.

The second part related to a Christmas present. We sent the younger two grandchildren to Toronto with their parents for Christmas. Now it was time to look after the older two, whose father Mike had suggested a road trip. Sunday, we will take Jolene (11) and Robyn (9) to Deerhurst Resort near Huntsville for a couple of days. This is best known as the summer golf resort where Shania Twain got married in 1993, but it is in the heart of Muskoka winter country, too. Skating, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowmobiling are some of the attractions. We'll see what shakes out but will be taking them on a snowmobile adventure Tuesday afternoon.

It was 10:00 AM and the temperature was 19 F (but felt a lot colder with the biting wind) as I fueled up. The striking teachers who were all over the area were dressed very warmly. Then we hit the road under blue, sunny skies. The trip to Cambridge was uneventful.

 The future french River bridges

 The source of our weather radar from Britt

 Port Severn

 I have no idea what this motto really means

At lunch time, we stopped at the Subway at the Derek Roberts Esso station in Waubaushene where I had a double chicken breast and bacon chopped salad and Sandy had here usual 6" ham and Swiss sandwich. After a long while of poor blood glucose, I had gotten it under control but needed to be rigorous about the diet to keep it that way. The Subway salad options made this easy while on the road.

It was 28 F and pleasant in Waubaushene, with the sun beating down and melting the snow. I spoke to a sledder who thought this might be his last day of riding. Rocks were starting to show through and they were forecasting above freezing temperatures tomorrow and rain on Sunday.

We continued  south with traffic building a bit. It was a lot heavier once we turned west on Highway 9 where, first thing, an O.P.P. SUV pulled over the truck behind me. Highway 9 to Airport Road to 24 to Guelph was busy but moving along. After stopping for coffee at Tim's in Erin (the TAL mug doesn't quite hold a Timmy's large - the girl measured it), the only notable incident was when I misjudged the intent of a Jeep driver in a traffic circle near Guelph and spilled my coffee. It was close but the Equinox brakes were up to the task, which was good because it would have been my fault if we had connected.

Around noon, I fired up an audiobook. All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai. It is a quirky time travel story that I borrowed from the library, started on the last trip, let go back to the library and then borrowed again. The Goodreads folks either loved it or hated it (and one young lady, typical of the times, was really put out that other liked it when she didn't). I was enjoying it so far.

 Guelph Ontario

We arrived at the Travelodge on Hespeler Road in Cambridge about 4:00 PM. I had considered going to our favourite Best Western in Woodstock (they have a great exercise room and I have been doing well on the treadmill all week), but I left it too late and they were booked up. This gave me a chance to try out the extra perks on my Wyndham Rewards card since I just achieved Diamond level. Yes, complimentary upgrades on check-in are a thing. And Meg on the front desk was a real people person.

After taking the luggage to the room, I texted Heather to see when would be good to visit. Right then was the answer. It was a half hour drive on the 401 to Woodstock and we arrived at 5:30.

 New 6 lane 401 between Hespeler Road and Highway 8

Jasper had been at a day camp because the teacher's strike action was province-wide today. Fiona was back from day care and Heather and Tom were home from work. Fiona was shy for about thirty seconds and then was all over us. We had supper of chicken, salami and a souffle type thing with a bit of corn in it. Then we played with the grandchildren until 9:00, when Heather called bedtime and we needed to head back to Cambridge.

 Fiona making faces...

 ...and more faces

Jasper being pensive...

 ...and showing off his missing tooth

Fiona high fiving Dad  

 Doing a puzzle

Jasper learning to whistle

Back at the hotel at 10:00 PM, we noted that, although the temperature was 27 F, the wind was once again biting. Hopefully that will not continue through tomorrow, when we have to walk. In the room, I worked on blog stuff while Sandy checked in with everywhere on her phone. Finally, after midnight, I turned in as well.

Today's Route (348 Equinox miles):

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