Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Maggie Valley North Carolina SEVROC Tuesday

Bob texted me first thing this morning to say he had gotten us a 10:00 AM tee time at the Lake Junaluska Golf Course. I texted back that we would have to stop at Walmart on the way because I had forgotten to pack any golf shirts with collars, a requirement on must courses.

We all headed down to Pop's for breakfast. It was nice to see some things hadn't changed and the three meat omelette with wheat toast and sliced tomatoes was excellent.

Pops and I

Bob and I stopped by Walmart and I got a nice golf shirt, although their selection in Large was quite limited because the season was almost over. At the golf course, we paid our green fees and were assigned a cart. Signage was marginal so I had to go back in and ask directions to the first tee.

The course was short but challenging. There were a couple of holes unlike anything I have ever seen before. Bob played well and I played terribly. But we had fun.

The first tee when all things are possible

The 9th hole

Swan and cygnets

Waiting for the group ahead to clear the green

Does she really like cats?

We got back to the motel about 2:00 PM. The ladies had gone shopping and were now waiting for us so we decided that it was time for the ceremonial first ride over the the Dairy Queen in Cherokee. I rode the bike while Linda, Bob and Sandy followed in their car. It would have been a really good ride down the mountain twists and turns on US 19 if it had not been for a black Pacifica with Texas plates who used a lot of brakes.

We got to the DQ and found a sign saying that service was drive-thru only because the air conditioning was broken. So we decided to try Wendy's. Their indoor was closed, possibly due to not having enough people working. Help wanted signs are everywhere down here and Wendy's was offering $13 an hour. Finally, we went to a place Linda had spotted, Bear Sweets and Treats right on the edge of downtown Cherokee. The lady made us sundaes, except Sandy who just had a dish of ice cream. As we left the building, they put up the Closed sign.

One note. I stopped for fuel on the way out of Maggie Valley. After I got rolling again, the ABS warning light was flashing and continued all the way to the DQ. I hoped it would quit after I turned the bike off and on again and, sure enough, it did. Nothing more for the rest of the day.

Bear Sweets and Treats

We got separated leaving the ice cream shop so I just rode through Cherokee and on up over Soco Gap to Maggie Valley. I got about half way up the mountain before I caught up the a couple of vehicles following a truck towing an RV trailer. I will give that truck driver credit, he wasn't holding us up that much.

I got back to the motel about ten minutes before the car. Pappy had come in and was patiently sitting waiting for someone to return. We had not seen him since he came to say Hi when we were waiting to get into Graceland in Memphis in 2013. He is now retired and has a place in a relatively remote part of the Tennessee mountains.


We spent time visiting, as usual, with the crew. The Texas ladies asked if I might lead a ride tomorrow, so we settled on a route Gary Bohler had on his website Maggie Valley Rides. Then Sandy and I went back to Walmart in the car so she could get some socks like the ones Linda had gotten when they went over there in the morning. She also got some embroidered stretch jeans while I got a sandwich and chef salad from the deli to bring back.

At the room, I worked on today's photos and notes, as well as learning how to download the GPX route file from the Rides website and import it into my Garmin Zumo 660. It wasn't a complicated process but I have never done this before. Trying to lead a ride with it tomorrow will tell the tale. Then I turned in for the night. Sandy had been sawing logs for some time as I was working away.

Today's Route (37 motorcycle miles):

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